30 Best Greece Instagram Captions for 2018 Travels

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What Athens at the Parthenon, stays at the Parthenon (jk, it gets posted on Instagram)

30 Cute and Clever Instagram Captions for Greece

Traveling back in time to this summer to the ever beautiful Greece? This country is truly gorgeous (godly even?) and unlike anywhere else! Hopefully you're well prepared and packed for your travels and even have some Greece Instagram Captions ready to go. It's pretty much the land of ruins, beautiful beaches, blue domed buildings (we're looking at you Santorini) and, of course, Instagrammable moments.

Whether your travels are taking you to Athens (so the Parthenon, of course, and other Greek ruins), Mykonos, Cyprus, or Santorini, these 30 Instagram captions for Greece can surely help you out.

So sit back and enjoy your travels... You may be sweating because of the heat, but you won't be sweating trying to think of any captions!

Drink in the eternal blue! #VisitGreece #Greece #Santorini

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Clever Greece Instagram Captions

• What Athens at the Parthenon, stays at the Parthenon

• What Athens in Greece, stays in Greece

• Athena, where ya at?

• Never apollogize for your bad puns about Greek gods

• You hate bad puns? My apollo-gees

• History books -> Real life

Colour up your life on Ios Island! #VisitGreece #Greece #Ios

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Punny Greece Instagram Captions

• No mountain can RUIN this friendship (ruins photos)

• Mamma Mia didn't prepare me for this

• Paradise found

• Been cheesin in Greece, yall feta watch out

• Which way does a cyclops wing their eyeliner?

• Not geeking out, just greeking out

Beach Instagram Captions For Greece

• The ocean is calling and I must go

• Sunshine on my mind

• I love you to the beach and back

• Seas the day

• Good times and tan lines

• You, me, and the sea

• High tides, good vibes

Summer memories last forever. #VisitGreece #Greece #Samos

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Sunset Instagram Captions For Greece

• "All you need is love and a sunset" — Unknown

• "Her heart was made of liquid sunsets" — Virginia Woolf

• "With every sunset, a new hope is born, an old expectation dies" — Noor Unnahar

• "We are all but moments in the sun" — Unknown

• "Savor every moment" — Unknown

Enjoy a city break in Athens! #VisitGreece #Greece #Athens

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Sunset Instagram Captions For Greece

• "Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing." — Dr. Seuss

• "Don't forget, beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies." — Paulo Coelho

• "Meet me where the sky touches the sea." — Jennifer Donnelly

• "Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

• "When someone asks me what my favorite colors is, I should just say, 'sunset.'" — Unknown

"I want to spend the rest of my sunsets with you" — Unknown