33 Best Boat Instagram Captions For Summer 2018


Go ahead, be nauti at the lake

You’ll Be Hooked on These 33 Boat Instagram Captions

Hitting the surf this summer? You're in for a good time whether you're boating on the lake or the ocean, on a dingy OR a yacht. One thing's for sure though: you'll be in need of sunscreen, a swimsuit, and some boat Instagram captions of course!

We rounded up 33 boat captions for Instagram, so that you don't have to. Just float on happily, completely worry-free! It is summer, after all!

• Fresh to depth

• Keeping it reel at the lake

• You float my boat

• You're a catch

• I like big boats and I cannot lie

• Just a fish out of water

• Lake hair, don't care

• Feeling the pier pressure

• Got in trouble for reckless diving

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• Of all the fish, you mer-maid for me

• I'll bring the bubbles

• Come sail away with me

• I'm da captain now

• Seas the day

• Being nauti in______

• Water you waiting for?

• Life is simple, just add water

• You call it a jet ski. I call it a boater-cycle

• The water may be salt, but this is the sweetest life

• I got 99 problems, but the beach aint one

• Just going with the flow

• Wave after wave, wave after wave, slowly drifting

• Home is where the anchor drops

• Keep calm and boat on

• Stay salty

• I lake you a lot

• Aboat time

• I need a good paddling

• Knot today

• Hooked, like for reels

• High tides and good vibes

• Good times and tan lines

• Water you doing?