Answer These 16 Qs And We'll Accurately Guess Where In Illinois You're From

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North, South, or Central?

Take this fun quiz on Illinois interest, foods, and geography, and we'll accurately guess what part of Illinois you're from!

 Jun 12, 2018
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The movie "Wayne's World" is set in...
Macomb, illinois
Aurora Illinois.
Springfield, Illinois
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Are there tollways?
There are some.
Yes, everywhere.
No, not at all.
3 of 16Choose your answer!
Which of these do you see the most often?
Historical Buildings
Corn Fields
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Which of these causes the most traffic?
A delay on public transport
Tractors/live stock on the road
Just too many people
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If you need to go pick up some odds and ends, you'd probably head to:
A Metro Mart
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Which city are you "from", if people outside Illinois ask?
Carbondale/St. Louis
7 of 16Choose your answer!
You tend to vote...
8 of 16Choose your answer!
People from outside Illinois tell you that you have a __________ accent.
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The area around you is mostly:
10 of 16Choose your answer!
Pick a vehicle!
SUV/Sports car
Pickup Truck
11 of 16Choose your answer!
Pop or Soda?
Either one, I don't care
12 of 16Choose your answer!
Your winters are:
Really pretty bad
Not too bad
13 of 16Choose your answer!
You live in a relatively _____________.
small apartment
small house
large house
14 of 16Choose your answer!
If you want to go out for ice cream, you're probably going to:
Cold Stone
An Ice Cream Shop
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Which school are you closest to?
The University of Chicago
Northern Illinois University
University of Southern Illinois
16 of 16Choose your answer!
If you're going to hang out with your friends, you guys will probably...
Go downtown
Go to the mall
Just wander around
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Are you from Illinois? Did you work, live or go school in a part of Illinois? Take this quiz on your food, life, and geography, and we'll guess which part of Illinois you're from! has geographic based quizzes not only to offer some fun trivia on specific places, but also in order to help reconnect you with your home city, town, state, or region. Whether its a place you went to school or worked, or if you lived there for a period of your life, we want to have a quiz for you so that you can relive some nostalgic memories associated with that place.

Did you or do you live in a South, Central, or Northern Illinois? If so, then you likely have specialized knowledge about that region of Illinois that you are probably not even consciously aware of—but it makes that place part of who you are and very important to your identity.

Be sure to share this quiz with your friends and family, no matter what score you get, so that they can share their experience of that region of Illinois with you as well and you can have a meaningful conversation and connect through your shared geographic experience!