Quiz: Only A Born & Bred Texan Can Get 100% On This TX Challenge. Can You?

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Are you from the Lonestar state?

 May 25, 2018
1 of 18What does the phrase in quotation marks mean?
If you're saying someone has “all hat, no cattle” you're saying they...
Are all talk but no action
Dress very nicely but aren't useful
Have a lot of money but not enough assets
2 of 18What does the phrase in quotation marks mean?
I was looking for my phone for an hour, but there it was, “Bigger’n Dallas” in my purse.
Trying to hide from me
Right there
3 of 18Choose your answer!
Your friend asked you a question but you didn't hear her, so you responded:
"Bless your heart"
“Do what?”
4 of 18Choose your answer!
A first dance in Texas isn't complete unless a girl receives a Homecoming Mum, which is....
A very ornate corsage
A charm watch
A pie in the face
5 of 18What does the word in quotation marks mean?
Just throw the celery into the "icebox"!
6 of 18Choose your answer!
If you're at a wedding in Texas eating some kolaches, you're eating...
Deviled eggs
Fruit pastries
Potato Salad
7 of 18Choose your answer!
Its very common to find Topo Chico in anyone's fridge in Texas. What is it?
Sparkling water
A local beer
Hot sauce
8 of 18Fill in the blank!
Out of all the U.S. states, the State of Texas produces the most _________ power.
9 of 18Fill in the blank!
"Drive ________ - The Texas Way."
10 of 18Choose your answer!
If its snowing outside, you can expect that...
People will be outside snowboarding.
People will be pretty freaked out.
Everything will be just like normal.
11 of 18Choose your answer!
Which of these monuments is located in Houston, Texas?
The Lincoln Memorial
The Washington Monument
The San Jacinto Monument
12 of 18Fill in the blank!
The Red River Showdown is a football game between the University of Texas Austin and _______________.
the University of Oklahoma
the University of Montana
The University of the Incarnate Word
13 of 18Choose your answer!
This ice cream brand was founded in Brenham, TX and features cattle on the container:
Blue Bell Ice Cream
Blue Balls Ice Cream
Blue Bunny Ice Cream
14 of 18Fill in the blank!
"Don't ______________ Texas" is an anti-littering campaign in Texas.
Mess With
Rubbish Up
15 of 18Choose your answer!
If you're a Texan, Bluebonnets may be your favorite...
Clothing Store!
16 of 18Choose your answer!
"Whataburger" Is Texas's iconic burger chain with the colors of:
Blue and White
Orange and White
Red and Green
17 of 18What does the word in quotation marks mean?
Schlitterbahn is one of the greatest ________ in the world.
roller coasters
water parks
18 of 18Choose your answer!
What's a Frito Pie?
A wet willy
A kiss
Nachos, but using Fritos
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