Teacher Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many of These Words Do You Know?

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Can you preach what you teach?

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as teacher lingo, do you think you know all of these teacher words?

 Sep 24, 2018

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The methods and practice with which you teach is referred to as your ___________________.

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What you choose to teach in your class is your _______________.

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Which of the following is an example of a humanity?

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On the first day of school, this is commonly handed out to students.

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The scientific and cultural community engaged in higher education and research:
Electoral College

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If you believe that someone's thoughts or opinions are biased, you believe:
they are in conflict with eachother
they are intelligent and backed up with facts
they are prejudiced in favor of or against one thing

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Academic writing can sometimes be full of "jargon" which is what?
Prejudice in favor of or against something
Unnecessarily complicated language
Ideas that are in conflict with eachother

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What is syntax?
A disability of speech
Performance standards
How words combine to form sentences

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If you revisit a work after you've completed it, what are you doing?

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What is proficiency?
Mastery or ability to do something at grade level
The way in which ideas are organized into categories
Self esteem

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What is diction?
The expansion of an idea or thought
Innapropriate words or actions
The choice and use of words or phrases

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A student learning language through emersion is doing what?
Surrounding themselves with that language
Learning vocabulary words through memorization
Studying proper grammar and completing exercises

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If you're making certain exceptions or changes to your teaching to help someone learn easier, its called:
Making accommodations

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What is tone?
The particular words and phrases used
The argument made by a written text
The attitude or voice of a written text

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In classes, tests are a form of _____________________.

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If you ask a group of students to review eachother's work, its called:
Pupil perusing
Student syncrocity
Peer review

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A student who shows an ability to bounce back from challenges is showing what?

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Generating lots of ideas from many individuals is called:
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