Rhode Island Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Know?

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Let's talk Little Rhody!

Rhode Island lingo is a thing. Test how savy you are with the words and phrases that are only used in Little Rhody!

 May 10, 2018
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What do you drink water out of?
A bubbler
A drinking fountain
A canister
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If you want a cabinet, you want...
A milkshake!
A backpack!
A fireplace!
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What would you call the sugary colorful pieces on top of a cupcake?
Sugar Sticks!
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What's a Quahog?
A hard shell clam
A town in the Simpsons
A very small town
5 of 18Quahog
If you order a "steamer" you're ordering:
A plate of steamed clams.
A hot beverage with milk.
A plate of smoked salmon.
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In Rhode Island, A Casino can be any of the below except...
A Library
A Police Station
An Arcade
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If someone's talking about a "grinder" what are they likely talking about?
A blender.
A coffee maker.
A sandwhich.
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What do you do at a Cumbies in Rhode Island?
Go grocery shopping.
See a movie.
Play arcade games.
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You drive around a circle when you go around a...
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Jeet yet?
Do you mean, "Jeep?"
Yes, I'm a professional Jeet-er.
No, I haven't eaten yet.
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If someone is heading down to "the packy" they are going to...
the liquor store.
the post-office.
the car.
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"401" refers to:
News or gossip on something.
The main expressway in Rhode Island.
The Rhode Island area code.
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"Wicked" is an adjective that means what?
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If you're eating a Johnny, what are you eating?
A cornmeal pancake.
A cream-filled donut
A turkey sausage.
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How long does it take to get from one side of Rhode Island to the other?
10 minutes at most.
An hour or less
5-10 hours.
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What's a Rhode Island nickname for clams?
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When you order a pizza in Rhode Island, it probably will be cut into_________
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A piece of dough that is deep fried and sprinkled with sugar is called what?
A fritter.
A doughboy.
An elephant ear.
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