Quiz: Only A Pennsylvania Native Can Name All These PA Landmarks, Can You?

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Let's get pensive about Pennsylvania!

This is a fun geo quiz about identifying historical landmarks in Pennsylvania. Are you a true Pennsylvanian?

 May 16, 2018

1 of 16This is an image of which major city in Pennsylvania?

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New Hope

2 of 16This is the ___________ penitentiary where Al Capone was held.

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Eastern State
Western State
Golden Gate

3 of 16Harrisburg _________ of Pennsylvania.

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The State Capitol
A small mormon town outside

4 of 16Drake Well in Titusville, PA has a museum documenting...

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the start of fracking.
The birth of the steel industry.
The birth of the oil industry.

5 of 16The Pennsbury Manor near Tullytown, Pennsylvania was home to:

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James Segal
William Penn
George Washington

6 of 16This historical item no longer rings, but is an iconic symbol of freedom:

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The Cowbell
The War Bell
The Liberty Bell

7 of 16Johnstown is known for which natural disaster that occurred there?

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8 of 16Valley Forge was a refuge for _________ and his troops.

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Andrew Jackson
George Washington
Michael Jordan

9 of 16Hershey Park, located in Hershey, is a theme park centered around:

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Root Beer

10 of 16Strasburg is a small town known for its Railroad history and _________.

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Jewish culture
Amish culture

11 of 16In Pittsburgh there is a museum for the artist who photographed a soup-can:

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Andy Warhol
Georgia O'keeffe
Leonardo Dicaprio

12 of 16Which American Writer, Poet, and Critic had a house in Philadelphia?

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Edgar Allan Po
Steven Colbert
Mike Meyers

13 of 16Wellsboro, PA has its own version of this Arizona landmark:

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The Grand Canyon
Niagara Falls
The Pyramids

14 of 16Pennsylvania State University is known for their __________ Stadium.

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15 of 16This PA town was also a major battle in the Civil War:

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16 of 16"Horseshoe Curve" in Blair County is...

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A sculpture
A railroad track
A mountain
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Pennsylvania (especially Philadelphia) is known for having many of the nation's historically famous landmarks. Are you from Pennylvania? Did you work or go to school there? If so, this quiz will probably be fun for you! You likely have some specialized knowledge about Pennsylvania's landmarks that you may not even be conscious of. Women.com geographic based quizzes can bring back nostalgic memories of your favorite cities, towns, and states where you may have lived, gone to school, or been raised. If you're from Pennsylvania or spent a good amount of time there, this quiz might be a fun chance for you to relive some of those memories and reconnect with those roots! The quiz will also tell you how well you really know the state of Pennsylvania's historical landmarks - a non local would likely not be able to identify all of these! Can you?