Quiz: Only A New Hampshire Native Will Get Above 70% In This Quiz. Can You?

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"Live Free Or Die Hard"...in this quiz!

This fun New Hampshire challenge will test your knowledge of New Hampshire food, slang, and culture!

 May 06, 2018
1 of 18Complete the sentence!
If you're from anywhere South of New Hampshire, A New Hampshirite will call you a ________.
2 of 18Choose your answer!
To New Hampshirites, someone from Massachusetts who they don't like is:
"A Masshole"
"An Asschutte"
"A Massdouche"
3 of 18Choose your answer!
Which of the following is really a name of a mountain in New Hampshire?
Sweater Peak
Cardigan Mountain
Hoodie Mountain
4 of 18Choose your answer!
A New Hampshirite might call ground beef:
5 of 18What is the meaning of the word in quotations?
“The Kanc" is a nickname for...
The Kancamagus Highway.
The Kancamagus Tavern.
Having a Canker sore.
6 of 18Choose your answer!
If you order a sandwich with steak and salami with green peppers, onions, and mushrooms, you're ordering...
A salami submarine.
An S.S. Sub.
A steak bomb.
7 of 18What does the word in quotations mean?
Let's go to "Manch Vegas" to do some serious spending.
Las Vegas
8 of 18Complete the sentence!
If you're over 18 in New Hampshire...
You can rent a car.
You can drink alcohol.
You don't have to wear a seatbelt.
9 of 18Choose your answer!
A New Hampshirite knows people from Massachusetts as being:
Terrible drivers.
Very patriotic.
Very charitable.
10 of 18Complete the sentence!
The Old Man of the Mountain is...
Cliffs that looked like an old man's face.
An old man who froze to death climbing in the mountains.
A ghost story about an old man who used to live in the mountains.
11 of 18Complete the sentence!
New Hampshire is known as the ________ state.
12 of 18Choose your answer!
What's a “Leaf Peeper"?
A leaf blower.
A tourist who comes to see the leaves.
A pair of binoculars.
13 of 18Choose your answer!
What's New Hampshire's area code?
804 or 207
There's a ton of them.
14 of 18Choose your answer!
Which celebrity was born in Manchester, New Hampshire?
Louis CK!
Billy Ray Cyrus!
Adam Sandler!
15 of 18Choose your answer!
Arctic Cat, SkiDoo, and Polaris are types of what?
Snowboarding tricks
Gas station ice creams
16 of 18What is the meaning of the phrase in quotations?
Right at this next stoplight, just "Bang a uey".
Take a U-Turn.
Go straight through the intersection.
Make a three point turn.
17 of 18Complete the sentence!
"Live Free Or...
18 of 18Choose your answer!
New Hampsire is in which region of the United States?
New England
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