Quiz: How Well Travelled Are You? Test Your International Knowledge!


Do you know international etiquette? What about cultural faux pas? Take this quiz to see how well travelled and cultured you really are!

Are you well travelled? Take this quiz to test your international etiquette and cultural savviness now!

 Apr 25, 2018
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When eating with chopsticks in Japan, make sure to never:
Put your chopsticks down over the bowl
Use both chopsticks at the same time
Stick the chop sticks into the food facing upward
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When entering someone's home in China you should always:
You should never, ever enter someone's home
Show the bottoms of your feet before entering
Take off your shoes at the door
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Which of these foods would be good to order in France?
A croissant, buttered
A steak well-done
A croissant, un-buttered
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In Italy it is common practice to:
Have a cappuccino with lunch
Sing opera during a meal
Sit down to eat meals and savor them
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Which common hand-gesture in the U.S. can be quite offensive elsewhere?
A cat's cradle
A handshake
A peace sign (pointed and middle fingers extended)
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In Singapore, you should NEVER:
Wear sunglasses
Chew or carry Bubblegum
Slurp, burp, or smack your lips after or during eating
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If you're eating in Asia, Africa or the Middle East, be sure to:
Eat using your right hand
Put your elbows on the table
Clap your hands twice
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In Latin American Countries, it is considered polite to...
Hug and kiss in a business meeting
Avoid eye contact in public
Greet everyone, even strangers
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When eating in China, you signal that you are "finished" with a meal by...
Belching and smacking your lips
Leaving some food on your plate
Eating all of the food on your plate
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Don't be surprised if in _______ people stand or talk very close to you
The Middle East
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In France, being overly friendly is considered..
Unreserved or unrefined
Very polite
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In Japan, you should never do this in public
Blow your nose
Show your hair
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In Mexico or Latin America, you may hear the phrase "Buen Provecho" at a meal, which means:
Enjoy or "good appetite"
Don't eat too much
Eat lots or "fill yourself"
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In Latin american, bargaining is considered..
Acceptable and expected
Extremely rude
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Public bathing in Japan is a common practice that necessitates:
Wearing a special bathing suit
Not showering for 3 days prior
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When in the United States, if someone asks "How are you?" you should respond:
By sharing as many details as possible
"Well", "Good", Fine, or "OK" and return the question
Just by nodding and smiling
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"Ope" is...
A Midwest expression for "excuse me" or shock
Said before a meal in Taiwan
A greeting in Canada
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Sharing food in India is considered:
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Do you know all there is to know about international etiquette, faux pas, and and culture? Take this quiz to see if you're an international whiz or a tourist!