Quiz: Hey Dakotans, Do You Actually Know North Dakota From South Dakota?

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A real Dakotan knows North Dakota is different from South Dakota, do you know the differences?

If you're from North or South Dakota, take this quiz to see how well you can tell the two states apart!

 May 12, 2018
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Take this fun quiz about the differences between North Dakota and South Dakota to see how well you know these neighboring states. Referred to collectively, "The Dakotas" are located in the Midwestern United States. Although they are split into North Dakota and South Dakota, most of the United States cant seem to tell them apart or find anything notable to distinguish them. If you're from North or South Dakota, you likely feel very strongly that YOUR Dakota is the BEST Dakota, and therefor can tell them apart no problem! Take this quiz to sort the facts as North Dakota or South Dakota to find out how well you can really tell the two apart. This quiz is one of many geographic based quizzes created by women.com to help connect people to the roots of their home towns, where they went to school, or places they may have worked or spent a lot of time. Feeling nostalgic for a certain place or just proud and want to reconnect? Take one of our geographic quizzes! Be sure to share your score with your family and friends, no matter the result, so that they can share in this experience and you can bond with others over the shared territory!

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