Quiz: Chicagoans, Do You Know All Of These Chicagoland Music Questions?

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Chicago is a well known city for many things, but especially for its music scene and venues. Do you know all these Chicago music facts?

 May 15, 2018

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This venue is located on Sheffield & DePaul near the Lincoln Station:
Empty Bottle
Lincoln Hall

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Which venue is located in Ukrainian Village and has walls covered in gig posters and photo booth pictures?
Empty Bottle
The House Of Blues
Stadium Arcadium

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Which venue is known for previously being a French baroque-style movie palace?
Chicago Theatre
Green Mill

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This venue has locations all across the U.S. (including Chicago) featuring southern style food and drinks:
Rock the Block
The House Of Blues
The Aragon

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This venue is near the GMan Tavern and the Smart Bar, located in Wrigleyville:
The Boardwalk
Stadium Arcadium
Metro Chicago

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Which venue is located at North Center and was previously known as Viaduct Theater?
Stella Stadium

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This venue is located in Uptown and was known as a hangout in the 1920's for Al Capone:
The Mobster
Red Hill
Green Mill

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Pritzker Pavilion sometimes has free events and has its own ___________.
LED screen

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Located in North Center, Beat Kitchen is a/an___________.
corner bar
soup kitchen
outdoor venue

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115 Bourbon Street is a beer garden, restaurant, sports bar, nightclub, caterer, and __________
performance hall

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A music festival from May 26th-27th on Sheffield between Belmont and Roscoe with free admission is called:
Warped Tour
Belmont–Sheffield Music Fest

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AliveOne is a Lincoln park _______.
outdoor stage

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California Clipper has soul and jazz music as well as ___________
Burlesque dancers.

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The Chicago Brauhaus is known for its sing along _______ music.

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Masada hosts what type of music?
Middle Eastern.

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Chicago is known for having their own style of what type of music?

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The Chicago ___________ Orchestra

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Which of these famous bands is NOT from Chicago?
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
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