Quiz: Can You Match These Iconic Southern Foods and Drinks To Their State?

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Let's match!

This fun quiz will see how well you know the southern states for their famous and most popular food dishes and drinks!

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Are your old Stompin' Grounds in The American South? The American South, AKA "Dixie", "Dixieland" and "the South" is a large collection of the southern states of the United States that has its own culture that's been recognized by the rest of the country. The south is most known for its foods, drinks, and slang, but this quiz is all about the consumables! Women.com has lots of geographically based quizzes like this one that will bring back nostalgic memories about cities, towns, states, and regions where you may be from or have gone to school or worked in. These quizzes will help you remember your roots, but they can also help you connect to the community of people around you who share those roots. Take this quiz to match iconic southern foods and drinks to their sate, and be sure to share it with your friends and family who also have ties to the south (or maybe some who don't!) so that you can discuss and establish connections and authentic conversations. No matter what your score, this quiz is bound to have something for you! Its also bound to give you a hankerin' for some delicious southern food and drink!

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