Quiz: Are You Ohio Enough To Answer These Tricky Questions?

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Ohio there! Let's quiz.

Only a true Ohioan can answer these quiz questions! If you think you're a pro on your state, take this test to find out.

 May 03, 2018
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Which of these famous astronauts do you love to tell people is from Ohio?
Tom Hardy could be from Ohio.
Buzz Aldrin is from Ohio. I think. I'm not sure.
Neil Armstrong, the BEST astronaut. Did you know he's from Ohio?
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Where is the roller coaster capital of the world?
Six Flags!
Cedar Point!
Universal Studios
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If you needed to politely get past somebody in a crowded place what would you say?
Nothing, just shove through them.
"I'm walkin' here!"
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Steubenville-style pizza is...
Pizza on a taco shell
A pizza casserole
Pizza that has the cheese added after it comes out of the oven
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Ohio is known to have one of the largest populations of what in the United States?
Amish people.
Native Americans.
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Cleveland is home of what famous museum?
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The Country Music Hall of Fame
The Hockey Hall of Fame
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What substance is the famous cow at the Ohio State fair made out of?
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What is a Thurmanator?
A very stacked burger from Thurman's
A stuffed apple
The ultimate thermometer
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What is Hy-Vee?
A grocery store with everything
A local bank
A type of flu
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Ohioans put ___________ on everything, even spaghetti noodles
Orange juice
Peanut butter
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What would you call a carbonated drink?
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Goetta is a type of...
Sausage Spread
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What is Yuengling?
America's oldest brewery
American's oldest cemetery
Ohio's first city
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What would you call a ball of peanut butter dipped in chocolate?
A Buckeye
A Choconut
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What is the capital of Ohio?
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What type of roads are everywhere in Ohio?
There are no roads in Ohio.
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Ohio is known as the "_________ State".
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What sport involves throwing a bean bag into a hole in a board?
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Take this quiz on Ohio to see if you're really an authentic Ohioan. Women.com geographical quizzes not only offer trivia on specific cities, towns, or states, but they also help you reconnect with that area and relive some nostalgic memories. Did you go to school, work, or live in Ohio? If so, then you have a specialized knowledge of the state that you may not be consciously aware of, but this quiz will bring it to the forefront. See if you can answer these 18 tricky questions about Ohio and along the way, see which things don't seem familiar or if there's anything new you might be able to learn. No matter how you score, be sure to share this quiz with your friends and family who also might have roots to or connections with Ohio so that they can share in the experience and also connect with you in a meaningful conversation. To an outsider, Ohio may just seem like a cold, snow-covered flyover state, but to a native, it means so much more. Only a true Ohian knows the beauty of the Thurmanator, Goetta, and Yuengling. Whether you're an Ohio State Buckeye, a local resident, or just an Ohio fan, this quiz definitely has something to offer you!