Quiz: Are You More Indiana University Or Purdue? Let's Find Out!

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Hoosier or Boilermaker?

Are you more Indiana University Hoosier or more Purdue University Boilermaker? Let's see which side of the rivalry you're really on!

 May 11, 2018
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What's PAL?
A wireless network
Never heard of it in my life.
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What IS a Boilermaker?
The best Mascot!
Some stupid mascot.
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Who's the Paint Crew?
A club that paints houses.
Students in a fan club for Purdue's basketball team.
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Why is it called "Harry's Chocolate Shop?"
Because they sell chocolate, obviously.
Because...because go hoosiers!
Because its a bar that was founded during the prohibition.
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What's the "Hello Walk"?
A sidewalk that encourages you to say "hello" to strangers
Never heard of it.
A walk that you do to indicate "hello".
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Is Football a big deal to you?
Nah, not really. What's football exactly?
Tailgates for football games are actually where its at.
Yes, football is a major sport!
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Basketball is..
Not as great without Bobby Knight, but still everything!
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How do you feel about Indiana University?
IU sucks!
They're pretty great.
Well, Purdue sucks!
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Which of these would you rather have as an alumni?
Mark Cuban
Neil Armstrong
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If someone leaves their bike unlocked, you should definitely...
Lock it up for them.
Secure it for them. By placing it in the nearest and highest tree.
Tell the police.
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Pick two colors:
Cream and Crimson!
Black and Gold!
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Which of these do you think is more important?
Liberal arts
Business management
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Would you rather pay for food by the item, or pay for all you can eat?
By the item!
All you can eat!
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When you leave campus..
I dont want to leave campus really, I just want to do things there.
I want there to be lots of stuff to do.
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Having banners for sports is...
Not that important.
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Do you care if people from outside Indiana or the U.S. know your school?
Nah, I don't care about that. I know my school is a good school.
Yeah I'd like my school to be known as a very good school!
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What's more important: A school that knows how to party or a school with good GPAs?
Knowing how to party--having fun in college is very important!
Good GPA's--I want my school to be known for great academic performance!
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What's a Hoosier?
Anyone who lives in Indiana.
An ISU student.
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