Quiz: Are You Indiana Enough To Pass This Tricky Test?

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Are you Indiana enough to pass this quiz? Let's find out!

Do you think you know all there is to know about Indiana? Take this quiz on Indiana to see if you're really a hoosier.

 May 09, 2018
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Everyone from Indiana knows that "Holiday World" is...
Disney World
A creamery with flavors for each Holiday
An amazing theme park with sections for each Holiday
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Someone from Indiana would probably call any carbonated beverage:
A pop
A coke
A seltzer
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What Indianapolis event is the largest attended single day event in the world?
The Halloween Parade
The Brickyard 400
The Indy 500
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If someone calls you a hoosier, they're calling you what?
An Indiana tourist
An Indiana native
Someone who moved to Indiana
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If you're drinking an Indiana beverage that's like Mountain Dew, what Is It?
Pepto Bismol
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When is Mushroom hunting season?
There are no mushrooms in Indiana
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"She grew up small and she grew up right, with them Indiana boys, on them Indiana nights." is a famous song lyric from:
Justin Bieber!
Taylor Swift!
Tom Petty!
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You're family wants to play Euchre. You'll get out the:
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The phrase “it should be knee-high by the Fourth of July” refers to..
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Which Is A Real Town Name In Indiana:
Buzz Lightyear
Pumpkin Pie
Santa Claus
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If someone is talking about Cornhole, you know they mean what?
A game that involves tossing beanbags.
A town surrounded by corn.
The state of Wisconsin.
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Which of these is the name of a town in Indiana?
French Lick
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If you need to vacuum the floor, you'll just get out the _________
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What time zone is Indiana in?
All of Indiana is in Central Time.
All of Indiana is in Eastern Time.
It depends on the region.
15 of 18Complete the sentence!
The Indiana Dunes are located on Lake _______.
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You are offered "puppy chow", you say:
Sure, I could use a drink.
Eww, I don't want dog food.
Absolutely, what a delicious snack!
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What is the mascot of Purdue University?
A tarapin
A dolphin
The boilermaker special.
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You may also refer to "ice cream" as:
Shaved Milk!
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