Quiz: Are You A True Lake Zurich Townie?

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Are you from Chicago ish? Let's see if you're an LZ-er.

Are you really an LZ Native? Take this quiz about Lake Zurich and find out if you really know this Northwest Surburb.

 May 05, 2018
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True or False: Lake Zurich is named after the body of water in the middle of the town.
There's no lake in Lake Zurich.
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About how many miles is it to go around the Lake?
Almost 20 (15-25 miles)
Close to 10 (Between 8-12)
About 3 (2-4 miles)
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Once a year in July, this event with live music, carnival rides, and games occurs in The Square (Downtown Lake Zurich):
Strawberry Fest
Alpine Fest
Warped Tour
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What is the name of the coffee shop in Downtown Lake Zurich?
Peet's Coffee
The Koffee Kup
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The family owned and run business on North Old Rand Road called PapaGus serves:
Ice Cream and other sweets
Breads and other baked goods
Gyros and other Greek food
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Which of the following parks is NOT along Lake Zurich?
Paulus Park
Manor Park
Breezewald Park
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Where are the town's 4th of July fireworks are held?
Cuba Marsh
The Town Square
Paulus Park
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Lake Zurich is well known for its prestigious Library, called:
The Lake Library
The Ela Library
Lake Forest Library
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Which elementary school is beside Lake Zurich Highschool on Church Street?
May Whitney
Isaac Fox
Sarah Adams Elementary
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If you order a "Fish bowl" at Bobbers on the Lake, you're ordering:
Clam Chowder
Poke (a raw fish salad)
A vodka-rum mixer in a 1/2 gallon fish bowl
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The Village Square (also known as Downtown Lake Zurich) is located on:
North Rand Road
There is no downtown Lake Zurich...
Ela Road
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Where does the annual "Rock the Block" event occur with food, live music, and drinks?
Ela Library
Downtown Lake Zurich (The Square)
Paulus Park
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This popular hangout spot is on West Main Street and features benches overlooking the Lake:
The Lake Club
Echo Park
The Promenade
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Lake Zurich is referred to as all of the following EXCEPT:
A Village
A Town
A City
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There is also a Lake Zurich in:
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This village is a short drive from Lake Zurich and home to Apple Fest, Chocolate Fest, and Strawberry Fest:
Long Grove
Arlington Heights
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What Does "My Flavor It! Place" serve?
Flavored Coffees and Teas
Candy and Gifts
Soft Serve Ice Cream and Shaved Ice
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Hackneys in Lake Zurich is well known for its "Brick", what is it?
A literal brick
French fried onions
A hamburger with a fried egg
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The Northwest Chicago Suburbs are a huge but underrated area! Take this quiz about Lake Zurich to see if you really know it. Chicago-land natives are the only ones who will know these answers.