Only A Philosophy Major Will Know The Meaning Of All These Words. Do You?

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What's your philosophy on this quiz?

Do you know all of the words that every Philosopher should know? Let's see how many of them you can identify by taking this challenging general knowledge quiz! Trivia Quiz, Buzzfeed Quiz, Vocab Quiz, Vocabulary #quiz #generalknowledge #vocab

 Sep 20, 2018

1 of 18What does this word mean?

The doctrine of a being that is without restriction
The belief that all perspectives are equally valid
The belief that there are no objective truths

2 of 18What does this word mean?

Concrete and physically present
With substantial evidence
Existing only in the mind

3 of 18What does this word mean?

What is beyond us
Absurd and laughable
Resistant to change

4 of 18What does this word mean?

A theory that all species arise and develop through natural selection
A sect of philosphy concerned with morality
The belief that a higher being created the earth and all living creatures

5 of 18What does this word mean?

Resistant to change
Radical and prone to revolutionary action
Unstable and fluent

6 of 18What does this word mean?

Opposition between two ideas or conflict
Intended flattery
Two ideas that logically coexist

7 of 18What does this word mean?

To make someone feel welcomed and accepted into a community
The deliberate attention to one specific thing
The loss of identity of the worker

8 of 18What does this word mean?

Requiring attention or action
Unnecessary, unimportant, or pointless

9 of 18What does this word mean?

The school of Philosphy concerned with the meaning of one's own life
The idea that pleasure is the only thing of value
A critique of consumerism for reducing everything to a commodity

10 of 18What does this word mean?

Having unlimited power
Lawless and disordered
With high self-restraint

11 of 18What does this word mean?

Of good moral judgement
Understandable only by an enlightened inner circle. Like this word.

12 of 18What does this word mean?

pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not have
A doctrine that stresses utility and purpose
An ethical system that values the pursuit of pleasure

13 of 18What does this word mean?

Something that is objectively true or factual
Something that one hopes to attain
A misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning

14 of 18What does this word mean?

A statement that contradicts itself
An instance of questioning
The act of judging or assessing a person or situation

15 of 18What does this word mean?

Determined by conditions or circumstances that follow
Characterized by denial or opposition or resistance
Having unlimited power

16 of 18What does this word mean?

Strong doubt for the world in general
Adhering to what is commonly accepted
Belief in a higher power

17 of 18What does this word mean?

Two parts that work together as one
A classification of two opposing parts
Two ideas that are the same

18 of 18What does this word mean?

Holding someone accountable for their transgressions
Becoming aware through the senses
Freeing someone from control of another
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