Only A True Marylander Or Virginian Can Face This D.C. Quiz... Can You?

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Do you really know D.C.?

Do you know everything there is to know about Washington D.C.? Are you a native Marylander or Virginian? Lets find out!

 May 07, 2018
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What is the name of the river that Washington DC is built on?
Washington D.C. is not even near a river.
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What is the 555 foot tall monument in the District?
The Washington Monument
The Whitehouse
The Lincoln Memorial
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Streets in DC that go North-South are named after numbers, while diagonal avenues are often named after:
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A real DC native prefers to call Washington DC..
The District
The District of Columbia.
The happiest place on earth.
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What is at the very center of DC's quadrants?
The Washington Monument
The Capitol Building
The Dells
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What is a U Street Taco actually?
A cannoli taco with chocolate sauce.
A loaded hotdog wrapped in a giant slice of pizza.
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What would you call a person who lives in DC but wasn't born there?
A yankee.
A plumbus.
A transplant.
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Which place is typically free to go in DC?
Any of the arcades!
The Smithsonian Museums!
All of the restaurants!
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Do you know what Mumbo is?
Its an amazing sauce.
Its what you call someone who isn't from DC.
Its a shrimp gumbo.
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If you're in DC listening to "go-go music", you are...
Listening to podcasts.
Listening to a genre of music that originated in DC
Listening to local talk radio.
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Is Washington DC its own State?
Of course, we ARE right next to the capitol.
No, but some of the people who live here think it should be.
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If someone says they're going to the DMV, they probably mean they are:
Going to the Dapper Mountain View!
Going to the District of Columbia!
Going to The District!
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What's a fun tour you can take in DC that goes through land AND water?
The DC Eagle Tour!
The DC Ducks Tour!
The DC Amphibian Tour!
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Ronald Reagan has something named after him in DC, what is it?
A Coffeehouse in Georgetown
An Airport in Gravelly Point Park
A Museum in Mount Vernon
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The Phillips Collection is America's first collection of what?
America's first collection of stamps
America's first collection of rare minerals
America's first museum of modern art
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This US President has a memorial island located on the Potomac river:
Dwight D. Eisenhower
George Washington
Theodore Roosevelt
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Everyone in DC knows that the Potomac river is...
A favorite fishing location
Not fit for consumption
Open for swimming only for residents
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The movie "The Exorcist" made this famous:
A store in Georgetown
A bench in the district
A staircase in Georgetown
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Put your Washington D.C. knowledge to the test. Only someone from Virginia or Maryland would be able to answer all of these questions. Do you know about how the streets are named, what food is the best, and all of the monuments? What about what river D.C. is on?