Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Terrifying Maryland Quiz If You're a Terrapin!

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Are you really a Terp?

Take this fun women.com geo quiz about the Maryland, the University of Maryland at College Park, and the Terrapins!

 May 18, 2018

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First thing's first...What is a Terrapin?
A tadpole
A hair pin
A turtle

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Which term refers to a bushel of male crabs?

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Maryland is the only place where you can purchase __________ flavored potato chips.
Old Bay

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What does DMV stand for in Maryland?
The Department of Motorcycles and Vehicles
DC, Maryland, and Virginia
The Doctor's Maintenance Vehicle

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"And we will fight, fight, fight for terrapins...
Till we're smiling from chin to chin."
Keep on fighting 'till we win."
Champions glowing in our skin."

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What is a Sally?
The name of a bar
A cul-de-sac
A female blue crab

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For Thanksgiving, it is common in Maryland to have stuffing made from...

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Which abbreviation of "honey" is a popular slang term in Maryland?

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What is a snoball?
Snowcone, without the cone
Ice cream cone
A local beer

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If you support the O's you...
Are just very passionate about letters.
Like Cheerio's
Root for the Orioles

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To show that you are agreeing with someone, what can you say?

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What bird is on the Maryland license plate?

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What is the Mascot for the University of Maryland, College Park?
The Terrapin, obviously!
A clam
There is no University of Maryland.

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At The University of Maryland, Its said to be good luck to...
Rub Testudo’s nose, he's a turtle statue!
Sit on Abraham Lincoln's lap.
Loose your wallet.

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Which of these is NOT a University of Maryland school color?

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It is said that if you step on the Point of Failure at the University...
Your dorm will burn down.
The Terrapins will loose their next football game.
You will not graduate in 4 years.

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"Natty Boh" is...
Slang for "naughty boy".
The beer that all Marylanders know.
Chocolate covered french fries.

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Which of these was written in Maryland?
The Star Spangled Banner
Old MacDonald Had A Farm
The U.S. Constitution
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The University of Maryland at College Park has the Terrapin as its mascot, which is also known as a turtle. The mascot of the Terrapin =is known throughout the whole state of Maryland. The Terrapins' team colors are red, white, black, and gold, derived from the Maryland state flag, which is more school colors than most schools have. Since Maryland is in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. to its south and west; Pennsylvania to its north; and Delaware to its east, its not really in the north or the south. Some nicknames for Maryland are the Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State. Maryland is known for its capital, Baltimore, as well as being a part of the Chesapeake Bay area and very near to DC. Are you from Maryland? Do you live there, work there, or go to school there? If so, this quiz could be fun for you! Women.com created geo centered quizzes like this one in order to help people experience feelings of nostalgia for their home states or states that just mean a lot to them. Take this quiz on Maryland to reconnect with the state, but also share your results (whatever they are) with your friends and family to have a meaningful conversation with them about your shared experiences in Maryland.