Quiz: Only A True Marylander Could Ace This DC Quiz

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Are you Maryland enough?

This is a fun women.com quiz on DC food, language, and cultural trivia to see how well you really know the area!

 Jun 24, 2018
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Which place is typically free to go to in DC?
The beaches!
The Smithsonian Museums!
Any of the arcades!
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Is Washington DC its own State?
No, but a lot of people think it should be.
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What is a U Street Taco actually?
A loaded hotdog wrapped in a giant slice of pizza.
A cannoli taco with chocolate sauce.
A waffle with taco toppings
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Which of these is a popular seasoning choice in DC?
Old Bay
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Mumbo sauce is MOST comparable to:
Barbecue Sauce
Maple Syrup
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Ronald Reagan has something named after him in DC, what is it?
A Coffeehouse in Georgetown
An Airport in Gravelly Point Park
A Museum in Mount Vernon
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What would you call a person who lives in DC but wasn't born there?
A plumbus
A yankee
A transplant
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Streets in DC that go North-South are named after numbers, while diagonal avenues are often named after:
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To say someone is "bad" can mean they are not good, but it can also mean:
They are good looking
They are confused
They are stupid
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The pride of the DC fast food scene is...
Five Guys
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Which building is often mistaken to look like Disneyworld?
The Ronald Reagan Memorial
The White House
Kensington Mormon Temple
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This bleak looking restaurant is known for their seafood and is practically a landmark due to age:
The Salmon Steamer
The Perch Church
The Shrimpboat
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Which of these questions are you most likely to be asked first in DC when meeting someone?
Where you went to highschool
When your birthday is
What you do/what your job is
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Walk on the ______________, stand on the _____________.
left, right
sidewalk, street
carpet, drapes
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A real DC native prefers to call the DC area...
The happiest place on earth.
The littlest city
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The movie "The Exorcist" made this famous:
A store in Georgetown
A staircase in Georgetown
A bench in the district
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Let's see if you know as much about DC as a real Marylander should!