Quiz: You’ll Only Pass This Los Angeles Test If You’re LA Born & Raised

Are you LA born and raised?

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 May 28, 2018
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What would you expect to get if you order "Animal Fries" at In-N-Out?
Fries for your pet
Fries with a hamburger patty on top
Fries topped with melted cheese, onions, and special sauce

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The Hollywood sign initially said:
Los Angeles

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You can see the Getty Museum while driving on which LA Freeway?
The 10
The 405
The 110

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Which college has the mascot, the Trojans?

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How do you pronounce this street name: Wilshire

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Where can you find the landmark, Randy's Donuts, marked by a giant donut?

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Which of these cities would be considered part of the "South Bay"?
Santa Monica
Manhattan Beach
Culver City

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Where would you find the iconic "Muscle Beach"?
Santa Monica
Venice Beach

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How many people do you need to ride in the carpool lane?
3 or more
2 or more unless it's a weekend then you can ride alone
2 or more always

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Which of these is NOT a Los Angeles grocery store?
Mendocino Farms
Bristol Farms

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This frozen yogurt chain started out in West Hollywood.
Yogurt Shack

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At which museum would you find the iconic outdoor lamp posts exhibit?
The Getty Museum
The Broad

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Where would you go to see a Lakers home game?
The Staples Center
The Forum
The Greek

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This hot dog restaurant is world famous for their creatively topped dogs.
Purple's Hot Dogs
Pink's Hot Dogs

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At what time would you expect to hit traffic while going somewhere in LA?
3 PM
All the time
6 PM

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______ Canyon is a very popular hiking destination.

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Which of these places would be considered part of "the Valley"?
Beverly Hills
Hermosa Beach
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