Quiz: How Much Do You ACTUALLY Know About The History Of Christianity?

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Are you a Christian historian?

The history of Christianity is immense and complicated. Think you have what it takes to answer all of these questions about it?

 Sep 21, 2018

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Before converting to Christianity, most of the first Christians were:

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In the bible, who defeated Goliath with a stone?

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What is the most important event in all of Christianity?
The resurrection of Jesus
The birth of Jesus
Adam and Eve eating the apple

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These were religious wars sanctioned by the latin church to retrieve holy land from Muslim rule:

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During the middle ages, Christian ____________ travelled to convert people to Christianity

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Constantine build a new capital practically from scratch with Christian architecture called:

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In the bible, what did the Israelites put on their door to protect them from losing their first-born sons?
Lamb’s blood

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Christians were persecuted until which roman emperor legalized the religion?
Constantine the Great
Julius Caesar

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The fall of Constantinople caused Christians to flee which prompted what?
The Spanish Inquisition
The Literary Rennaissance
The Spanish American War

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In Christian belief, how did the authors of the Bible communicate with God?
God spoke to them through divine inspiration
God wrote the Bible and gave it to them
They did not communicate with God

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What was the Papal Schism from 1378 to 1416?
The war within the Catholic church over whether popes should have any power
A time during which no Pope was appointed or acting
There were multiple Popes fighting over who was legitimate politically

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The Trinity discussed in the bible is what?
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
The Father, the People, and the Son
The Father, the Son, and the Mother

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During the Rennaissance, which artist was hired to paint the Sisine Chapel by the current pope?
Vincent Van Gogh

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In Christian belief, in how many days did God create everything?

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During the Protestant Reformation, who posted the 95 Thesis on the castle church?
James Madison
Malcom X
Martin Luther

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John Calvin believed that God chooses who would be saved and damned irrelevent to that person's deeds on earth, called:

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King Henry VIII of England declared himself to be the pope for what reason?
To avoid paying taxes to the church
To divorce his wife
To declare a religious war

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Which scientist came into conflict with the church over the earth's orbit around the sun?
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