Quiz: Arizonans, Can You Answer All These Questions About Your State?

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Let's see if you're a true Arizonan...

Take this quiz about Arizona to see if you really know your state! Only a real Arizonan can get 100%.

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Women.com geographical based quizzes can help you reconnect with the roots of your home or college town/state or a place where you've spent a lot of time. Take the quiz to reconnect with nostalgic feelings tied to specific areas where you've spent some of your life and share with friends and family who have had similar experiences to reconnect with them as well. Arizona is a southwestern U.S. state that is best known for the Grand Canyon, the mile-deep chasm carved by the Colorado River, however, it has a lot more to offer than that, especially to natives. It is also home to the University of Arizona in Tucson and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Arizona may have some crazy (hot!) weather, but after all, its just dry heat, and as long as you can get a parking place in the shade...its not all bad. Its also full of beautiful succulent and cactus species, animals and landscapes, and an amazing community of natives. Are you a native Arizonan? Have you worked or gone to school in Arizona, or, do you have family there? If you've spent some time in Arizona, take this quiz to test how well you really know the state: do you know what Frybread and Saguaro are? What about a Sonoran hotdog? Do you know what the state capital is? Let's reconnect with your Arizonan roots! There's much more to Arizona than just a desert with the Grand Canyon.

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