This Is The Hardest "Breakfast Club" Quiz You’ll Ever Take. Can You Pass?

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"We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all."

How well do you actually know the 80's classic movie The Breakfast Club? It might be time you watched it again...

 Aug 30, 2018
1 of 20Choose Your Answer:
The movie takes place during:
A club that gets breakfast on Saturdays
A pep rally
Saturday detention
2 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Bender suggests that he and Clair should:
Ditch class
3 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which of these words is NOT used in Brian's essay to describe the five?
Basket Case
4 of 20Name This Character:
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5 of 20Choose Your Answer:
When Allison dumps her purse on the couch what falls into Brian's lap?
Birth Control pills
6 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Allison tells Claire "I'm not a nymphomaniac, I'm _______".
A compulsive liar
A slut
A virgin
7 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Why is Bender in Detention?
He stole his lunch
He pulled the fire alarm
He cheated on a test
8 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Why is Allison in detention?
She was caught smoking
She was tardy to class
She was bored and didn't have anything better to do
9 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Bender's father gives him a cigar burn on his arm for doing what?
Spilling paint in the garage
Stealing his cigars
Setting the house on fire
10 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Bender says Claire's name is a "fat girl's name." True or False?
11 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What is Brian's nickname?
Brian the Brain
Brian Bowie
Big Brian
12 of 20Name This Character:
breakfast club, smart, school, nerd
13 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What did Bender get for Christmas last year?
A handle of vodka
A chemistry set
A carton of cigarettes
14 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Allison can play the song, _______________ on the piano with her toes.
Heart and Soul
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
15 of 20Choose Your Answer:
The group has one assignment to complete during detention, what is it?
To choose one of them to go free
To write an essay about who they thought they were
To escape without being noticed
16 of 20Name This Character:
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17 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What song is played at the beginning and end of the movie?
You Remind Me
Just Dance
Don't You Forget About Me
18 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Claire gives Bender her gold ring at the end of the movie. True or False?
19 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What phrase does Bender use to refer to his marijuana?
Mary Jane
20 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Brian has a fake ID so that he can:
Buy cigarettes
Get into bars
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