Quiz: If You Can Get 18/18 On This D.C. Test, You're The Unoffical Mayor!

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I hope you're ready to run for Mayor!

This is a fun women.com geo quiz about Washington, DC the Capital of The United States between Maryland and Virginia.

 May 17, 2018
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Is Washington DC is its own State?
No, but it damn well should be.
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Which place is typically free to go in DC?
Any of the arcades!
The Smithsonian Museums!
The beaches!
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What is a U Street Taco actually?
A cannoli taco with chocolate sauce.
A loaded hotdog wrapped in a giant slice of pizza.
A piece of pizza with taco toppings.
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What is at the very center of DC's quadrants?
The Capitol Building
The Whitehouse
The Washington Monument
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If you're in DC listening to "go-go music", you are...
Listening to local talk radio.
Listening to podcasts.
Listening to a genre of music that's like funk.
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Everyone in DC knows that the Potomac river is...
A favorite fishing location
Not fit for consumption
Open for swimming only for residents
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Ronald Reagan has something named after him in DC, what is it?
An Airport in Gravelly Point Park
A Coffeehouse in Georgetown
A Museum in Mount Vernon
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What would you call a person who lives in DC but wasn't born there?
A transplant!
A yankee.
A plumbus.
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Streets in DC that go North-South are named after numbers, while diagonal avenues are often named after:
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If someone says they're going to the DMV, they probably mean they are:
Going to The Department of Motored Vehicles!
Going to the Department of Maryland and Virginia!
Going to The District!
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The Phillips Collection is America's first collection of what?
America's first museum of modern art
America's first collection of rare minerals
America's first collection of WW2 memorabilia
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Which of these is a popular seasoning choice in DC?
Old Bay
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Its like barbecue sauce, but better:
Mumbo sauce
Fry sauce
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"DC" stands for...
Dallas Cowboys
District of Columbia
Department of Clowns
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Anyone who's "bama" is:
In support of Barack Obama.
Super cool.
Someone you do NOT like.
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"Wale" is:
The worst rapper ever.
The best rapper ever.
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To say someone is "bad" can mean they are not good, but it can also mean:
They are good looking.
They are very smart.
They are stupid.
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If you're telling someone to "go smack" what are you saying?
They should leave.
They should eat something.
They should flirt.
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Washington, DC is not actually in Washington at all. It is located between Maryland and Virginia, and is the capital (or "capitol") of the United States. It is also referred to as the capital of the world. It was previously called the District of Columbia, which is where the acronym "DC" comes from. Take this fun women.com quiz on DC to see how well you know the nation's capital! Did you or do you live in DC? If so, then you likely have specialized knowledge about the region that you are probably not even consciously aware of—but it makes that location a part of who you are and very important to your identity! Maybe you're just a huge history buff, or a resident or Maryland or Virginia who has spent a lot of time in DC. Either way--this quiz should be fun for you! Be sure to share this quiz with your friends and family, no matter what score you get, so that they can share their experience of DC with you as well and you can have a meaningful conversation and connect through shared geographic experience.