Only Firefighters Can Withstand The Heat On This Fire Safety Quiz. Can You?

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It's getting hot in here!

Do you really know enough about fire safety to pass this quiz? You probably don't know as much as you think!

 Sep 05, 2018

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Which of the following does a fire NOT need to burn?

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The best way to control a fire in a pan on a stove is to:
Fan it with a towel until it goes out
Carry the flaming pan to the nearest exit
Smother it with a lid that fits the pan

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What two items can you mix together to make your own dry fire extinguisher?
Baking soda and sand
Grease and water
Vinegar and Baking soda

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What does PEEP stand for in fire safety?
Prevention Evaluation Exit Point
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan
Private Evacuation Exit Point

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Which three components are needed to start a fire?
Heat, fuel, and oxygen
Oxygen, water, and fuel
Heat, fuel, and carbon dioxide

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Smoke alarms need new batteries AT LEAST:
Once every 6 months
Once a year
Once every 5 years

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When escaping from a fire, you should FIRST:
Try to put out the fire
Get to safety
Call 911

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What would you do if there is smoke in the room?
Get to as high of a place as possible
Nothing, smoke can't hurt you.
Stay low and crawl

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How often should smoke alarms be tested?
Once a month
Once a week
Once a year

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If you catch on fire, what should you do?
Wave both of your arms rapidly to put out the flames
Wave your hands like you just don't care
Cover your face and stop, drop, and roll

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What's the minumum number of escape routes you should have for each room of your house?

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When using a fire extinguisher, you should aim it:
At the base of the fire
Only where the fire is closest to you
At the tops of the flames

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Microwave oven fires can be put out by:
Opening the oven door and filling the oven with water
Keeping the door closed and unplugging or cutting off power to the oven
Doing nothing, fires can't happen in microwave ovens.

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When using a fire extinguisher, you should...
Sweep it from side to side
Sweep it up and down
Aim it only in one direction

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What is the leading cause of home fires?
Electrical wiring
Cooking equipment

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When using a fire extinguisher, you should...
Squeeze the lever in quick, short bursts
Avoid using the lever
Squeeze the lever slowly and evenly

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When dealing with a grease fire, you should NEVER:
Remove the heat source
Put water on it
Attempt to smother it

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Which of these will NOT fuel a fire?
Carbon dioxide
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