Only A Colorado Native Could Pass This Centennial State Quiz! Can You?

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Are you really from The Centennial State?

Take this fun geo quiz about the state of Colorado to see if you know the food, culture, and slang as well as a native!

 May 23, 2018
1 of 18Question 7
Which of the following is not in a Fool's Gold Loaf?
Peanut Butter
2 of 18Question 10
What's special about the dome of the Colorado Capitol?
It's flat.
It's plated in gold.
It's haunted.
3 of 18Choose your answer!
Which way is West?
Where the sun is.
To your left.
Where the mountains are.
4 of 18Choose your answer!
"Lodo" refers to...
Lower Downtown
People from California
5 of 18Choose your answer!
303, the Colorado area code, also has what named after it?
A movie
A person
A magazine
6 of 18Fill in the blank!
Colorado kool-aid is a nickname for _________ in Colorado.
tap water
7 of 18Choose your answer!
Which of the below is a nickname for the highway intersection at the junction of I-25 and I-70 near Denver?
Cuckoo's Nest
8 of 18Choose your answer!
"FoCo" is short for...
Foster Colorado
Ford Country
Fort Collins
9 of 18Fill in the blank!
An out-of-state-er who doesn't know how to drive is called a __________.
10 of 18Choose your answer!
"Granola" is a nickname for someone who is from...
Portland, Oregon
Boulder, Colorado
Nashville, Tennessee
11 of 18Choose your answer!
Palisade, Colorado is known for its:
12 of 18Choose your answer!
What are Rocky Mountain Oysters, really?
Steamed quail's eggs.
Fried animal testicles.
13 of 18Fill in the blank!
The Colorado town of Olathe is known for its __________, and has a _______ festival annually.
sweet corn
14 of 18Fill in the blank!
At the beginning of every summer, you are surrounded by_____________.
black squirrels
miller moths
love bugs
15 of 18Choose your answer!
It is common in the state of Colorado to put what on your pizza crust?
16 of 18Choose your answer!
What does March 3rd celebrate in Colorado?
Anything local in Colorado
Colorado's succession from the United States
The day Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was.
17 of 18Choose your answer!
Marijuana possession is legal in CO, but what's still illegal?
Using it if you're under 25.
Buying it.
Smoking it in public.
18 of 18Choose your answer!
What's so wrong with ordering Bud Light at a bar in CO?
The Bud Light in Colorado is known to be bad.
You can't get a Bud Light in Colorado.
Colorado is home to over 200 breweries.
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Are you from Colorado? Do you live or work there, or did you go to school there? If so, this geo quiz about the State of Colorado could be lots of fun for you! has geographic based quizzes not only to offer some fun trivia on specific places, but also in order to help reconnect you with your home city, town, state, or region. Whether its a place you went to school or worked, or if you lived there for a period of your life, we want to have a quiz for you so that you can relive some nostalgic memories associated with that place.

If you've spent a lot of time in Colorado, then you likely have specialized knowledge about the area that you are probably not even consciously aware of—but it makes Colorado and its culture, food, and slang a part of who you are and very important to your identity.

Be sure to share this quiz with your friends and family, no matter what score you get, so that they can share their experience of Colorado with you as well and you can have a meaningful conversation and connect through your shared geographic experience of Colorado!