Quiz: You Can Only Claim To Be Catholic If You Can Get 100% On This Test

Ave Maria, gratia plena. Dominus tecum.

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 Aug 26, 2018
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Question: 1/18Choose your Catholic answer!

Who heads the Catholic church?
The Pope
The Deacon
The Cardinal

Question: 2/18Choose your Catholic answer!

Who founded the Catholic church?
Saint Paul
The Pope

Question: 3/18Choose your Catholic answer!

Which Saint was conferred primacy by Jesus Christ?

Question: 4/18Choose your Catholic answer!

Which of the seven sacraments is the most important?
The Eucharist

Question: 5/18Choose your Catholic answer!

Which laws govern the Catholic church?
Canon Law
Vatican Law
Martial Law

Question: 6/18Choose your Catholic answer!

How many books are in the Catholic bible, including old and new testament?

Question: 7/18Choose your Catholic answer!

There is one eternal God, who exists as three persons. This is referred to as:
The Triathalon
The Holy Trinity
The Triad

Question: 8/18Choose your Catholic answer!

What man of God had so radiant a face after conversing with God that the people feared him?

Question: 9/18Choose your Catholic answer!

What is the name of the unleavened bread used at the time of Jewish Passover?

Question: 10/18Choose your Catholic answer!

What is the cross worn by a bishop or abbot?

Question: 11/18Choose your Catholic answer!

Which of the following is NOT one of the seven deadly sins?

Question: 12/18Choose your Catholic answer!

What is Advent preparation for?
The coming of Jesus
The rapture
The death of Jesus

Question: 13/18Choose your Catholic answer!

What is a venial sin?
A sin committed without full consent
A relatively slight sin
A sin committed with full knowledge of the law of god

Question: 14/18Choose your Catholic answer!

What is the name of the Apostle who betrayed Jesus?
Judas Thadeus
Judas Christ
Judas Iscariot

Question: 15/18Choose your Catholic answer!

What gifts did the three wise men bring to Jesus?
Gold, lavender, and dandelion
Gold, frankincense, and myrrh
Silver, mint, and thyme

Question: 16/18Choose your Catholic answer!

What are the 3 theological virtues?
Faith, empathy, and kindness
Faith, hope, and charity
Worship, pity, and penance

Question: 17/18Choose your Catholic answer!

Who told Mary to name her son Jesus?
The Angel Gabriel
The Angel Michael

Question: 18/18Choose your Catholic answer!

What is the only thing that can keep you from going to heaven?
Doubt in your faith
Not going to church
Mortal sin
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