Answer These Questions And We'll Guess How Long You've Lived In Chicago!

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Are you a born and raised Chicagoan?

Take this fun quiz about Chicago, Illinois food, culture, and slang and we will guess how long you have lived in Chicago!

 May 28, 2018
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Which color is NOT on the "L" Line?
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If you're eating a hotdog in Chicago, would it be ok to put ketchup on it?
Yeah, why not?
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What is the overall feeling between the Chicago Cubs and White Sox?
People can like both, it's not a big deal.
You either love one or the other, it's a HUGE rivalry.
One is a baseball team, the other is basketball.
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Where is Naperville?
NOT in the city, but it's still in Illinois.
Basically in Chicago.
What is Naperville?
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It has to be asked.. which type of pizza is the best?
Thin Crust
Deep Dish
Calzone Style
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Why is Chicago called the Windy City?
Because of it's politics.
It's just a name, it doesn't mean anything.
Because it's really windy.
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If you want a hot dog, you'll definitely go to...
Shake Shack
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If your friends want to meet up at the "Sears Tower" where are they really going?
Wrigley Field
...The Sears Tower, duh.
The Willis Tower
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O'Hare International Airport is located __________ of downtown Chicago.
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What is "The Bean"?
A sculpture in Millennium Park
It's a nickname for "The Cloud Gate"
Slang for the Willis Tower
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The "Lake Affect" results in..
Colder Temperatures
More tourists
Warmer Temperatures
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The Chicago Field Museum of Natural History has the largest what in the world?
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Ball of string
13 of 16Choose Your Answer:
The pier on Lake Michigan in Chicago is of course the...
Chicago Riverwalk
Michigan Overlook
Navy Pier
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Deep-dish "Chicago-style" pizza is layered with which ingredient on the very top?
The toppings
The tomato sauce
The cheese
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California Clipper has soul and jazz music as well as ___________
Burlesque dancers
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Do you want to live in Chicago for your whole life?
Chicago is ok, I might stay.
Maybe, I'm not sure yet.
Yes, Chicago is the best place to live!
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Are you a born and raise chicagoan? Have you lived in Chicago for a long time? Do you really love the city of Chicago and want to test if you think, look, and talk like a native? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this quiz will probably be fun for you! has geographic based quizzes not only to offer some fun trivia on specific places, but also in order to help reconnect you with your home city, town, state, or region. Whether its a place you went to school or worked, or if you lived there for a period of your life, we want to have a quiz for you so that you can relive some nostalgic memories associated with that place.

Did you or do you live in Chicago? If so, then you likely have specialized knowledge about the region that you are probably not even consciously aware of—but it makes the city of Chicago, Illinois a part of who you are and very important to your identity.

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