Quiz: Which California Stereotype Are You?

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Are you "the hipster", "the fake", or "the fit"?

This is a fun women.com quiz that will reveal which California stereotype fits you best. Are you the fit, the hipster, or the fake?

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California is a glamorous place known for its Hollywood film and music industries, but it often gets a bad rap for drawing a certain type of crowd, or even creating it. Whether you're a California born and raised native, a transplant, or just a Californian at heart, this quiz should be a moment of fun for you to explore which classic California stereotype really fits you! Are you the hipster, the fake or the fit? California is known as a hipster state because of its passion for things authentic and different and its laws that allow recreational marijuana use. It's also known to have people who are considered fake because of the heavy presence of the Hollywood industry, this can mean fake as in heavy use of plastic surgery, general cosmetics, or a personality that just isn't authentic. As for the fit, California is known to be one of the most health-conscious states in the nation, which is not a bad thing, but sometimes Californians can be a teeny bit snobby about it...Take this quiz now to discover which of these California stereotypes fits you best, maybe you even fit all of them! Women.com has fun quizzes and articles about anything from television shows and movies to your home town to family life. If you need an escape for a few minutes, check out what women.com has to offer!

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