Only A Native Of Arlington, Texas Could Pass This Quiz. Can You?

Do you really know Arlington?

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 Jun 11, 2018
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Question: 1/16Choose your answer!

Arlington is home to the MLB Texas Rangers and the _____________.
NBA Celtics
NFL Houston Texans
NFL Dallas Cowboys

Question: 2/16Choose your answer!

AT&T Stadium has many nicknames, including the "Jerry Dome" and the:
"Death Star"
"Seven Minutes In Heaven"
"Cloud Nine"

Question: 3/16Choose your answer!

The Globe Life Park offers a two foot long:
Pizza slice
Fruit rollup

Question: 4/16Choose your answer!

Which of these is a real previous mayor of Arlington?
Dr. Robert Cluck
Steven Balls
Jim N.E. Cricket

Question: 5/16Choose your answer!

The Dallas Chop House is known for its what?
Fried Squid
Korean Food

Question: 6/16Choose your answer!

Arlington Stadium was the very first stadium to serve:

Question: 7/16Choose your answer!

Which theme park started in Arlington?
Disney World
Wet N' Wild
6 Flags

Question: 8/16Choose your answer!

Arlington is home to the International Museum and Hall of Fame for which sport?
Hacky Sack
Water Polo

Question: 9/16Choose your answer!

Which of these haunted locations is in Arlington?
The Haunted Alley
The Screaming Bridge
The Moaning Morgue

Question: 10/16Choose your answer!

Arlington is known as the _______________Capital of Texas

Question: 11/16Choose your answer!

Arlington is the largest city in the country without ___________________.
affordable housing
liquor laws
public transportation

Question: 12/16Choose your answer!

"Whataburger" Is Texas's iconic burger chain with the colors of:
Orange and White
Red and Green
Blue and White

Question: 13/16Choose your answer!

Arlington is located between which two cities?
Fort Worth and Dallas
Waco and Houston
San Antonio and Laredo

Question: 14/16Choose your answer!

Which of these schools is located in Arlington?
Texas College
The University of Texas
Texas State University

Question: 15/16Choose your answer!

Which two colors are featured on the Arlington flag?
Red and Brown
Orange and Black
Red and Blue

Question: 16/16Choose your answer!

Arlington is home to which of these manufacturers?
John Deer
General Motors | Quiz Facts

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