Only Someone With An IQ of 149 Can Pass This Tricky History Quiz. Can You?

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History scholars attack!!

Hey history buffs! Answer questions about 1900’s politics, economics, and general history with this quiz!

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Hey history buffs, this one is for you! Think you know everything there is to know about the 1900s? Think again! This quiz will test your knowledge on 1900's politics, economics, and general history! How well do you know World War I and its battles? Do you remember famous inventions from the 20th century? Can you recall the amendments made throughout the last 100 years? What led up to the Great Depression? What did America prohibit in the 1920s? Let's hope you paid attention in grade school history because you're going to need it with this quiz! Do you want to show off your memory skills?These facts may be second nature to your grandparents but are you ready to prove you have what it takes to be ultimate history genius? This quiz is going to test you on everything from the beginning of the 1900's up until the end of World War 2 so you better brush up on those history skills! Are you ready to take this quiz! Let's go!

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