Only Someone With An IQ of 149 Can Pass This Tricky History Quiz. Can You?

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History scholars attack!!

Hey history buffs! Answer questions about 1900’s politics, economics, and general history with this quiz!

 Jul 29, 2019

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Which President was assassinated in 1901?
Harry Truman
William Mckinley
Herbert Hoover

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Who was elected into office in 1904?
Warren Harding
William Taft
Theodore Roosevelt

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October 1, 1903 marked the beginning of which major sport event?
NBA Finals
Super Bowl
World Series

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Which brothers were famously known for creating the first airplane?
The Grimm Brothers
The James Brothers
The Wright Brothers

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Without Alexander Graham Bell, the ___ wouldn't have been invented.

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The Prohibition was known for being which amendment?

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WWI officially came to an end with the signing of what treaty?
The Treaty of Paris
Treaty of Tordesillas
Treaty of Versailles

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The Roaring ___ is an unforgettable decade.

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Susan B. Anthony was a prominent leader for which movement?
Universal women's suffrage
Child labor laws

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The end of the 1920's led to the beginning of ___.
The Great Depression
World War I
The Cold War

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Who Said The Following Quote: "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."
Harry Truman
Winston Churchill
Franklin D. Roosevelt

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American soil was attacked by the Japanese in which infamous event?
Zimmerman telegram
Pearl Harbor

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Where did the United States of America drop their first atomic bomb?

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When someone refers to the ___, they refer to the fear of communism in the 1950s.
Communism Pox
Red Scare
Big Blue

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In 1959, what was the last state added to the union?
Puerto Rico

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Harriet Tubman escorted over 300 slaves to freedom through the ___.
Underground Railroad
Manhattan Project
Operation Overload

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Who was the SECOND man to step on the moon?
Buzz Aldrin
Pete Conrad
Neil Armstrong

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What does it mean if you plead the fifth?
Refuse to go green
Refuse to answer a question that could incriminate yourself.
Refuse to vote
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Hey history buffs, this one is for you! Think you know everything there is to know about the 1900s? Think again! This quiz will test your knowledge on 1900's politics, economics, and general history! How well do you know World War I and its battles? Do you remember famous inventions from the 20th century? Can you recall the amendments made throughout the last 100 years? What led up to the Great Depression? What did America prohibit in the 1920s? Let's hope you paid attention in grade school history because you're going to need it with this quiz! Do you want to show off your memory skills?These facts may be second nature to your grandparents but are you ready to prove you have what it takes to be ultimate history genius? This quiz is going to test you on everything from the beginning of the 1900's up until the end of World War 2 so you better brush up on those history skills! Are you ready to take this quiz! Let's go!

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