Quiz: Are You Retro Enough To Name All These Classic Figures?

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How well do you know these iconic figures?

How well do you know the 60s and 70s? Identify these iconic retro figures from the past to pass this quiz!

 Feb 05, 2020

1 of 25She's one of the greatest musicians of all time...

Barbara Streisand, Music, blurred
Diana Ross
Barbra Streisand

2 of 25He was cast as Danny in Grease (1978)...

grease, blurred, div
via Paramount Pictures
Dwayne Johnson
Clint Eastwood
John Travolta

3 of 25This actor played the Godfather in 1972...

blurred, div
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Tom Holland
Marlon Brando
Andy Griffith

4 of 25He had "Happy Days" as The Fonz...

blurred, Happy Days
via ABC
Matt Dillon
John Cusack
Henry Winkler

5 of 25The 37th President who was involved in Watergate is...

nixon, blurred
Bill Clinton
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan

6 of 25Rocky Balboa was played by this actor...

blurred, Rocky
via United Artists
Ryan Coogler
Sylvester Stallone
Marlon Brando

7 of 25This iconic First Lady was setting trends in the 1960s...

blurred, Jackie O
Jackie Kennedy
Pat Nixon
Lady Bird Johnson

8 of 25His breakthrough role was as Lewis Medlock in Deliverance...

Burt Reynolds, blurred
Ned Beatty
Burt Reynolds
Jon Voight

9 of 25She played Louise for 10 seasons on the Jeffersons...

blurred, jeffersons
via CBS
Angela Bassett
Isabel Sanford
Ruby Dee

10 of 25The first woman Prime Minister of Britain was elected in 1979...

Thatcher, blurred
Kim Campbell
Michelle Bachelet
Margaret Thatcher

11 of 25She was one of the biggest actresses in the 1960s...

blurred, doris day
via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Jo Stafford
Doris Day
Dinah Shore

12 of 25She portrayed Ginger on Gilligan's Island...

tina louise, gilligan's
via cbs
Tina Louise
Karen Black
Farrah Fawcett

13 of 25Who was the male lead in Three's Company?

blurred, Three's Company
via ABC
John Travolta
Don Knotts
John Ritter

14 of 25This actress portrayed Cleopatra in 1963...

blurred, liz taylor
via Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Mary Quant
Edie Sedgwick
Elizabeth Taylor

15 of 25This magical nanny was played by...

blurred, poppins
via Buena Vista Distribution
Jean Shrimpton
Julie Andrews
Marcia Brady

16 of 25Good Times' cast her as Florida Evans for 5 seasons...

blurred, Good Times
via CBS
Angela Davis
Esther Rolle
Diana Ross

17 of 25The King of Rock and Roll...

blurred, elvis
David Bowie
Michael Jackson

18 of 25Her breakout role was Kathy Selden in Singin' in the Rain...

Diana Ross
Debbie Reynolds
Audrey Hepburn

19 of 25She was an icon in the 60s, known for her music and giant lashes...

Jean Shrimpton

20 of 25He was Captain Hawkeye in M*A*S*H

blurred, alan alda
via CBS
Alan Alda
Adam Albert
Larry Linville

21 of 25This Charlie's Angel is well known for her blown out hair...

blurred, farrah
via ABC
Frannie Frankfurt
Fiona Fox
Farrah Fawcett

22 of 25Marcia Brady was portrayed by...

via ABC
Megan Matthews
Maureen McCormick
Mandy Moore

23 of 25He led the Civil Rights Movement through the 1960s...

Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr.
Frederick Douglass

24 of 25His show was named after him...

via CBS
Andy Griffith
Albert Goss
Alex Grant

25 of 25She acted through the Golden Age of Hollywood...

via Paramount Pictures
Doris Day
Audrey Hepburn
Elizabeth Moss
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