13 Sneaky Ways To Avoid Looking Hungover At Work (Even When You Aren't)

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We've all been there, right? RIGHT?

"I can make it to work on 4 hours of sleep, I used to do it all the time!" you say to yourself, after three-too-many glass of wine.

But the difference is, you're now twenty-/thirty-something and let's be real, your hangovers are real and they are long. So if you have to go to work hungover, at least try not to look it.

Check out our 13 ways you can look more awake at work after a night out:

1. Caffeine


Obviously by an IV straw of coffee straight to your mouth. Not only does caffeine help wake your brain up, it helps wake your skin up. Try mixing finely ground coffee with your favorite oil, like olive or coconut, for a refreshing morning face scrub. Not only will the caffeine give your skin a boost, but gently massaging your face will promote drainage, bringing down the swelling.

2. Cold Shower


There is seriously nothing more refreshing than a cold-ass shower, but in the early morning hours after a long night, stepping into a rainfall of freezing water is literally a nightmare. Instead, take your normal-temperature shower and at the end, blast yourself with the cold water. It will shock your system and wake you right up.

3. Ice Ice Baby


Just like ice brings down the swelling of an injury it can bring down the swelling of a hungover face. Wrapping an ice cube in a thin napkin and smoothing it over your face will help stop the swelling and make you feel like you just took a nice brisk walk on a winter day. It'll even bring back some life to your face and give you that "flushed" appearance.

4. Facemask


Bring back the glow!! Get yourself some good hydrating sheet masks and get them in bulk. They will seriously change your life. In just 20 minutes, your skin will absorb the serums filled with moisturizing ingredients, and when you peel the mask off, it's like peeling off an old face to reveal a new, glowy you. Try one out before your moisturizer in the AM, and see a huge difference in your skin.

5. Facial Mist


Facial spray, shpritz, face mist, whatever you want to call it, buy it. A thermal water spray or face mist will give your skin a dose of hydration and refresh your makeup throughout the day. Bring one to work, keep one in your bag, your car, and in your bathroom and you will never be able to live without it again!

6. Eye Drops


Your eyeballs need hydration too! No seriously, I don't know what it is, but whenever I don't sleep good my eyes tend to get VERY dry. This is where "natural tears" come in. Eye drops that act like your natural tears will keep your eyes feeling refreshed and awake, and you won't find yourself squinting or tearing up as much. Unless you see a cute dog. Then you have permission to tear up.

7. Self-Tanner


Oh, the self tan. The product we love to hate. But honestly, everyone looks better with a tan, especially when waking up after a night of drinking. We are NOT telling you to give yourself a full body fake tan after a night of drinking. I repeat, do not fake tan after drinking, trust us. Instead, get yourself an instant liquid bronzer to give your face and neck some color in the morning, which will make you look more refreshed.

8. Mascara


Fake wide, open eyes with some mascara! Bumping up your lash game will make it appear as if your eyes are wide open and that you're not dozing off at your desk. Look for a thickening mascara, and really wiggle the wand in at the roots to make your lashes appear thicker and contrast with the whites of your eyes.

9. Highlighter


More glow girl! Nothing says "I got a full 12 hours last night" like glowy skin. Fake it with a subtle cream highlighter on your cheekbones, inner eye corner and brow bone. Applying a highlighter to these points will lift your face, and combined with your instant tan, you'll look like you went to St. Barts, the island, not Saint Barts, the bar.

10. Concealer


A girl's best friend. Cover up those dark circles, conceal that blemish (when did that get there?), and if you're into it, highlight your face like those girls on Instagram. Aren't we so lucky we have a product that can basically Photoshop our skin? Finding a high quality concealer that works is like finding a partner for life.

11. Blush AF


Bring your face back to LIFE with blush. Using a cream blush will not only look more natural, but will add another layer of moisture to your skin. Use a small amount of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks to give you a rosy and refreshed look.

12. Hydration is KEY


WATER. WATER. WATER. Drink as much liquid as possible in the morning to flush that alcohol out of your system. Coffee is great to help you wake up, but it's also dehydrating. Stick to waters, teas, and juices during the day to keep your skin and body feeling hydrated. Coconut water is also an amazing option, as the electrolytes will give you more energy!

13. Do Your Hair


We know it's hard, and honestly, we don't even do it on a regular basis, but if your goal is to trick people into thinking you're sober than get out that blow-dryer/straightener/curling iron and get to work. If your hair looks polished, then you are one step closer to looking like you got up an hour earlier because you went to bed at 9 p.m. last night.

So there you have it, 13 ways to avoid looking hungover. Should we have done "13 ways to avoid the three-day hangovers that occur after you turn 25" instead? Maybe next time.

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