Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Genesis Challenge If You're A Devout Catholic


How well do you know the Book of Genesis?

Trivia about the Christian Old Testament, the Book of Genesis, with stories like "Noah's Ark" and "Bereshit".

 Apr 30, 2017
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Genesis is the ___ book of the old testament.
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Genesis states is took how long to create the world?
6 days
6,000 years
4.5 billion years
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Where are Adam and Eve expelled from after eating the forbidden fruit?
Mount Olympus
Garden of Eden
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From where to where does God instruct Abram to travel?
From Egypt to Babel
From Sodom to Gomorrah
From Mesopotamia to Canaan
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How are Sarah and Abraham related?
They are half-siblings
They are cousins
They are mother and son
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What does Jacob change his name to?
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What are the names of Rebecca and Isaac's twins?
Joseph and Dinah
Esau and Jacob
Rachel and Leah
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What happens to Joseph, Jacob's favorite son?
He gets shot in the eye
He takes over Egypt
He is sold into slavery by his brothers
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What happened to Lot's wife when she looked back at Sodom?
She disappeared
She is turned into a pillar of salt
She turned into an angel
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In Genesis, what did a rainbow represent?
The road to the Promised Land
Happiness in humanity
God's promise not to destroy the world a second time with water
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