Quiz: You'll Only Know These 22 Medical Words If You Watch Grey's

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Can your Grey's knowledge help you define these medical terms?

Shonda Rhimes Grey's Anatomy trivia quiz for fans on medical words like appendectomy, crash cart, and UTI.

 Apr 24, 2017

1 of 22What does this mean?

Appy (Appendectomy)
The surgical removal of the appendix
An autopsy of the brain
What happens during cardiac arrest

2 of 22What does this mean?

Code Black
Hospital code for a cute dog in the building
Hospital code for a dying patient
Hospital code for a bomb in the hospital

3 of 22What does this mean?

MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)
A type of hormone
Imaging technique that helps visualize the structure/function of the body
A growing tumor

4 of 22What does this mean?

Urinary Tract Infection
Umbrella Tube Infection
Upchuck Tuna Illusion

5 of 22What does this mean?

Whipple (Pancreaticoduodenectomy)
An operation to treat pancreatic cancer
A bleeding Gallbladder
A term for any pancreatic problem

6 of 22What does this mean?

U&Es (U's and E's)
Under and Exit
Urea and Electrolytes
Upsetting and Energetic

7 of 22What does this mean?

Organ Harvest
Growing organs in cows for human usage
A surgical procedure where major organs are removed from a donor
Buying organs for the hospital's animals

8 of 22What does this mean?

Drop in body's core temperature, usually from exposure to cold air or water
High blood pressure
A blood clot

9 of 22What does this mean?

Emergency Room
Estimate The Time
Meredith's favorite show

10 of 22What does this mean?

When a baby cries
A growth hormone
Anesthesia for any particular region of the body

11 of 22What does this mean?

Do Not Run
Do Not Resuscitate
Do Not Rollover

12 of 22What does this mean?

Code Pink
Hospital code for Bailey tripping over
Hospital code for an infant/child abduction
Hospital code for a bomb

13 of 22What does this mean?

A patient's visitor
Low blood pressure
A doctor who has completed residency and practices medicine

14 of 22What does this mean?

Infection Circulatory Urine
Innocent's Critical Unit
Intensive Care Unit

15 of 22What does this mean?

John/Jane Doe
Used to describe a patient whose identity is unknown
A name for someone's organs
Universally known name for a deaf person

16 of 22What does this mean?

10 days after a heart transplant
A new discovery in medicine
Infants in the first 28 days of birth. Also premature infants.

17 of 22What does this mean?

Outstanding Critical Development
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

18 of 22What does this mean?

A small and extremely sharp knife for surgery
A surgical specialty
A hat for surgeons

19 of 22What does this mean?

A sexually transmitted infection
A brain tumor
A type of drink used during surguries

20 of 22What does this mean?

A type of brain scan
An accident during surgery
A abnormally high heart rate

21 of 22What does this mean?

Crash Cart
Surgery of a person's legs
A trolley of sweets
A cart that has medical equipment to use in emergency resuscitations

22 of 22What does this mean?

When someone is drunk
The insertion of a tube to allow a bag or machine to breathe for a patient
A term that defines saving someone's life
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