Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Quiz If You're Obsessed With Grey's Anatomy


Because who isn't obsessed with Grey's Anatomy?

Come take this tricky Grey's Anatomy quiz that you'll only ace if you've seen Grey's a million times! How many times have you watched Grey's??

 Oct 11, 2017
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Where was Ben Warren during the Gary Clark shooting?
In the OR
Looking for Edwards
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Who is Meredith Grey's half-sister?
April Kepner
Ellis Grey
Lexie Grey
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Who was Miranda Bailey's favorite intern?
George O'Malley
Meredith Grey
Alex Karev
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Who was NOT shot in the Gary Clark shooting?
Jackson Avery
Alex Karev
Derek Shepherd
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How many fiancées has Owen Hunt had?
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Why didn't April marry Matthew?
She cheated on him before her boards with Jackson
She left him at the altar for Jackson
She said no when he proposed
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Who found out that John Doe was George?
Arizona Robbins
Lexie Grey
Meredith Grey
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Who calls Izzie "Cricket"?
Her mother
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Who was once a cheerleader?
Preston Burke
Stephanie Edwards
Jo Wilson
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Where did Maggie and DeLuca kiss for the first time?
Meredith's house
Joe's Bar
The on-call room
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