Quiz: Only 1/3 Of Americans Can Pass This Jeopardy Challenge. Can You?

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Can you answer any question with a question?

Come take this fun trivia quiz based on the popular Jeopardy game show that has you to phrase your answers in the form of a question.

 Feb 18, 2018

1 of 16The category is Superheroes.

This is Batman's sidekick.
Who is Robin?
Who is Wonder Woman?
Who is Aquaman?

2 of 16The category is Historical Women.

She wrote novels like "Pride and Prejudice" that paved the way for future female writers.
Who is Jane Austen?
Who is Sojourner Truth?
Who is Catherine the Great?

3 of 16The category is National Parks.

The Sequoia National Park is located in this US state.
What is California?
What is Michigan?
What is Colorado?

4 of 16The category is Geography.

This is the capital of Spain.
What is Madrid?
What is Barcelona?
What is Seville?

5 of 16The category is Movies.

In 'The Wizard Of Oz', the Tin Man is looking for this.
What is courage?
What is a heart?
What is a brain?

6 of 16The category is Anatomy.

These bunches of cells allow us to sense bitter, salty, sweet, sour, and umami.
What is is a dendritic cell?
What are red blood cells?
What are taste buds?

7 of 16The category is Books.

The opening line of this novel is "Call me Ishmael".
What is "the Great Gatsby"?
What is "A Tale of Two Cities"?
What is "Moby Dick"?

8 of 16The category is Mythology.

This is the Greek God of music?

9 of 16The category is Botany.

This is the tallest type of tree in the world.
Bay Tree
Redwood Tree
Fir Tree

10 of 16The category is Biology.

The final set of molars that humans develop.
What are incisors?
What are wisdom teeth?
What are canines?

11 of 16The category is Music.

This band's song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' was grunge rock's first big hit in the early 1990s.
Who are Pearl Jam?
Who are Nirvana?
Who are The Red Hot Chili Peppers?

12 of 16The category is Sports.

The ONLY athlete to ever play in the Super Bowl and World Series.
Who is Deion Sanders?
Who is Wayne Gretzky?
Who is Jackie Robinson?

13 of 16The category is Television.

The theme song to this popular television show was "I'll Be There For You."
What is 'Friends'?
What is "Everybody Loves Raymond'?
What is 'How I Met Your Mother'?

14 of 16The category is Animals.

The Chihuahua dog breed is believed to originate from this country.
What is China?
What is England?
What is Mexico?

15 of 16The category is Politics.

This President hosted "Fireside Chats".
Who is Truman?
Who is FDR?
Who is JFK?

16 of 16The category is Movies.

Jack and Rose are romantic leads in this James Cameron movie.
What is 'Titanic'?
What is 'The Aviator'?
What is 'The Notebook'?
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