Quiz: Only An Actual Genius Will Get 10/15 On This Tricky Trivia Test

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Are you basically a certified genius?

Come take this fun trivia quiz to test your general knowledge, from history to math to science! Do you know it all?

 Aug 21, 2018
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You walk into a room with a match, a karosene lamp, a candle, and a fireplace. Which do you light first?
The match
The kerosene lamp
The candle
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What language is spoken in Brazil?
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Who is the third president of the United States?
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
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Norma Jean Baker is which famous actress' real name?
Marilyn Monroe
Andrey Hepburn
Norman Bates
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Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?
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What has a neck but no head?
An envelope
A bottle
A duck
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What is the fourth planet from the sun?
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Which letter of the alphabet has the most water?
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What is the highest grossing movie of all time?
Gone with the Wind
Star Wars
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What is the biggest country in the world?
United States
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How many months have 28 days?
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What is the human body's biggest organ?
Large intestines
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What has hands but cannot clap?
A candle
A bear
A clock
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What was Walt Disney Studios' first animated movie?
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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What belongs to you but is used more by others?
Your pencil
Your toothbrush
Your name
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