Quiz: Only 8% of Fans Can Get 22/22 On This Meredith Grey Trivia Test

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How well do you know Mer?

A trivia quiz on Grey's Anatomy Meredith Grey, with questions about her relationship with Derek Shepherd, practice, and life.

 Nov 21, 2018

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Who is Meredith's father?

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Meredith suffered a miscarriage on the same day as...
The plane crash
Denny passed away
The hospital shooting

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Who was her patient for which she won a Harper Avery (Catherine Fox) award?
Katie Bryce
Becca Wells
Megan Hunt

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Which is NOT one of Meredith's nicknames?
Slutty Mistress

5 of 22Pick your answer!

What is Meredith's surgical specialty?

6 of 22Pick your answer!

Who was Meredith's first patient?
Mary Portman
Adele Webber
Katie Bryce

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What color was Meredith's hair in high school?
Angry girl pink
Baby blue
Pitch black

8 of 22Pick your answer!

Who was Meredith's best friend until college graduation?
April Kepner
Sadie Harris
Cristina Yang

9 of 22Pick your answer!

Who did Meredith give her wedding to?
Izzie Stevens
Miranda Bailey
Cristina Yang

10 of 22Pick your answer!

Meredith donated a kidney to her father. True or false.

11 of 22Pick your answer!

Who did Meredith give her dog, Doc, to?
Maggie and Ellis
Derek and Addison
George and Izzie

12 of 22Pick your answer!

Why was Meredith ordered to do community service?
Speeding tickets
Not paying taxes
Insurance fraud

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How did Meredith and Derek get married?
With a big church wedding
On a Post-It note
In the shower

14 of 22Pick your answer!

Where did Meredith go after Derek died?
San Diego

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What big disaster did Meredith give birth in?
Adele's death
The bus crash
The super storm

16 of 22Pick your answer!

Meredith breaks the hospital's record for what?
Longest single surgery
Quickest appendectomy
Most successful surgeries

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Why did Meredith tamper with Derek's Alzheimer's trial?
She wanted to give Adele the drug
She hated Derek at the time
She just made a mistake

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True or false: It was Meredith who originally found out John Doe was George O'Malley

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Who WAS NOT in Meredith's limbo dream?
George O'Malley
Denny Duquette
Dylan Young

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Meredith went to ______.

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Who did Meredith go to Seattle Grace Hospital Prom with?

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Who has Meredith NOT slept with?
Mark Sloan
Nathan Riggs
George O'Malley
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