Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Health Test, You Must Watch Grey's

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Because watching Grey's Anatomy basically makes you a health professional. Right? RIGHT?

Come take this fun health trivia test that only Grey's Anatomy fans can ace! Because watching Grey's basically means you're a surgeon.

 Oct 16, 2017

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If a tumor is not cancerous, it is ______.

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According to Izzie, what percent would a mother with HIV birth a perfectly healthy baby?

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What must a physician or surgeon complete before their internship?
Medical school
Pay off all of their debts

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Which of the following is a symptom of syphilis?
Swollen lymph glands in groin
Uncontrollable laughter

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If you someone is going into cardiac arrest you need to push one of ____.

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What does OCD stand for?
Octave Cognitive Disorder
Operating Conscience Development
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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Someone who has pancreatic cancer need a _____ surgery.

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What is a post-op?
Surgery on the tongue
Before operation
After operation

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What is an autopsy?
A surgical procedure that examines a corpse to determine cause of death
A type of vein in the human body
Another word for trauma surgery

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What might have cause hypothermia?
An embarrassing moment
Hot cheese
Cold air or water

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Where is a central line NOT inserted in the body?
The chest
The foot
The arm

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What are "U's" and "E's"?
Urea and Electrolytes
A fun way to say "you" and "me"

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What does a CBC (Complete Blood Count) test?
The overall health and detection of a large range of disorders
The blood of your mother
If you have blood running in your body

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To check if someone has a brain bleed, you need to perform a _____ ___.
Intubation CX
Head CT
An Appy

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Why would someone need an Appy?
If they need the surgical removal or the appendix
If their brain no longer has any activity
If they have a strong seizure
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