Quiz: How Well Do You Really Remember The Mentorships of Grey's?

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I was your friend, your mentor, and every time you needed me, I was there.

Fun trivia questions about the mentoships of ABC's Grey's Anatomy, with favorites like Cristina Yang and Preston Burke.

 Mar 01, 2020

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What did Owen tell April before her medical board exams?
He said she was beautiful and well-loved
He didn't say anything and hugged her
He said she was a soldier

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When did Cristina meet Burke?
In the O.R. on the (technically) second day of her internship
At the mixer before the first day
On her first day at rounds

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Who helped Alex discover he liked working with infants?

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What were Jackson and Sloan called?
The Plastics
Plastics Posse

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Why does Richard become resentful of Bailey in season 5?
Bailey told the Board about Richard's alcoholism
Bailey chose to leave General Surgery for Pediatric Surgery
Bailey was going to move to D.C.

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Why did Herman have so little time to teach Arizona about Fetal Surgery?
She was moving to Germany
She was loosing her eyesight
She had an inoperable brain tumor

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Before Herman's surgery, what do Amelia and Edwards do?
They argued about the procedure
They danced one out
They stood in a superhero pose

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Why was Cristina disappointed in Teddy at first?
Teddy was Owen's ex
Teddy couldn't insert a pacing wire
Teddy wouldn't let her assist in a surgery

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Why did Arizona take Alex's spot on the plane that crashed?
Alex decided to take a later flight
They had a patient that needed at least one of them
Alex took a fellowship at Johns Hopkins

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Which of Bailey's original interns was not originally hers?
Alex Karev
George OMalley
Meredith Grey

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Owen brought Teddy to Seattle to mentor who?
Meredith Grey
Miranda Bailey
Cristina Yang

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Who said the following quote: "I made you study. I made you practice. I was your friend, your mentor, and every time you needed me, I was there"
Miranda Bailey
Mark Sloan
Richard Webber

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Who is Miranda Bailey's "Work-Husband"?
Ben Warren
Richard Webber
Owen Hunt

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What did Cristina and Dr. Thomas initially bond over?
They were both adopted
They had both been in plane crashes
They both loved an old-fashioned approach to medicine

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Callie helped _____ realize she has a knack for Ortho.

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Who referred to her mentor as the "big brother she never had"?

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Why did Penny show up at Meredith's dinner party?
Callie brought her as her date
Meredith invited her
She came to apologize about Derek

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This Mayo Clinic Doctor mentored Cristina after officiating her boards.
Dr. Thomas
Dr. Parker
Dr. Burke
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