Quiz: Do You Rememeber What Meredith Is Talking About In These Scenes?


Meredith says A LOT! Do you remember the context of these quotes?

How well do you know these great Grey's Anatomy quotes by Meredith Grey? Test your knowledge with this Grey's Anatomy trivia quiz!

 Jul 25, 2017
1 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"Pick me. Choose me. Love me."
She wants the prestigious surgery
She wants her dad to pick her and Ellis over Lexie and her family
She wants Derek to pick her over Addison
2 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"I believe we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart."
She is begging Cristina to stay in Seattle
She was making a grand gesture to Derek
She was quoting something her mother said to her
3 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."
Voiceover when George died and Izzie almost died
Voiceover when Cristina left Grey's Anatomy
Voiceover when Webber was electrocuted
4 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"I want to punch your face."
In response to Bailey giving up Mer's spot on a surgery
In response to Derek kissing someone in D.C.
In response to Cristina saying that the boards exam session was easy
5 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"You go."
Meredith's last words to Derek before he died
Meredith's last words to Cristina after dancing it out
Meredith's words to her mom when she was in limbo
6 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"You want to know what happened to me? You. You happened to me."
Meredith was asking Thatcher why "she wasn't good enough" like Lexie
Meredith was screaming at Derek for making her "ordinary"
Meredith was explaining to Ellis why she was so "ordinary" and "unfocused"
7 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"You don't get to call me a whore."
Meredith's response to Cristina's badgering
Meredith's response after Derek found out she cheated on him with Riggs
Meredith's response after Derek found out she was dating Finn
8 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"It better be a nice hotel."
What Meredith said to Riggs after an almost plane crash
What Meredith said at the bar the first time she met Derek
What Meredith said to O'Malley before they hooked up for the first time
9 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"Zola, I can't fix him."
Meredith told her kids what it means to die
Meredith told her kids Derek died
Meredith told Zola she couldn't fix her best friend
10 of 10What is Meredith talking about?
"You're me before Derek. I can be here for you. I know how to do this. I can be a Twisted Sister for you."
Meredith told Maggie what it meant to be someone's person
Meredith was talking Cristina through her ectopic pregnancy
Meredith told Amelia she would be her person for her wedding day
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