Quiz: Can You Name These Top 16 Most Awkward Moments On Grey's


Are ready for some secondhand embarrassment?

Trivia quiz on every awkward and funny Grey's Anatomy moments, like the awkward elevator scene with Meredith Grey, Derek Shepherd, and Mark Sloan

 Jun 21, 2017
1 of 16What is happening here?
Meredith and George just had sex
Meredith ran into her mom at the hospital
Meredith found Addison and Derek in bed together
2 of 16What is happening here?
Meredith accidentally found them in the on-call room
Room service interrupted their roleplay
Derek walked in on them
3 of 16What's happening here?
Arizona was about to tell Callie she was moving to Africa
Callie threw Arizona a birthday party that she didn't want
Arizona was going to break up with Callie
4 of 16What' s happening here?
Penny insulted Amelia's food
Everyone found out that Penny killed Derek
Penny broke up with Callie at dinner
5 of 16What's happening here?
Burke's mom shaved off Cristina's eyebrows
Denny burned off Cristina's eyebrows
Cristina forgot to draw on her eyebrows for the day
6 of 16What's happening here?
They are taking something out of George's butt
They are giving George his medicine for syphilis
They are planning to give George butt implants
7 of 16What's happening here?
Jackson professes his love to April at her wedding to Matthew
Jackson is walking out of April's wedding
Jackson is sitting down from walking April down the aisle
8 of 16What's happening here?
DeLuca finds out that Maggie is pregnant
DeLuca proposed to Maggie and she said no
DeLuca came to examine Maggie for what she thinks is an STI
9 of 16What's happening here?
Derek is breaking up with Addison in front of Meredith
Meredith just caught Addison and Derek kissing
Addison introduced herself to Meredith as Derek's wife
10 of 16What's happening here?
Grey's Anatomy Wikia
Izzie and Burke waiting for someone to show up for Thanksgiving
Cristina found Burke cheating on her
Izzie and Burke on their first date
11 of 16What's happening here?
Cristina and Bailey are fighting over Dixon's time
Bailey is teaching Cristina bedside manner
Bailey and Cristina are applying pressure Dixon to calm her down
12 of 16What's happening here?
Izzie's brain tumor made her believe the deer was Denny
The deer is attacking Izzie
Izzie operated/saved a deer
13 of 16What's happening here?
The three are having a talk about Burke's hand tremor
They are looking for Izzie in the woods because she went missing
Webber is telling Alex and George to have an open-handed (slap) fight
14 of 16What's happening here?
April killed one of Meredith's favorite patients
Meredith yells at April for running away with Jackson
Meredith found out Alex cheated on her with April
15 of 16What's happening here?
Maggie is about to tell Meredith that she is her sister
Maggie is telling Meredith that she likes Riggs
Meredith is about to tell Maggie that Derek died
16 of 16What is happening here?
Someone farted in the elevator
All three of Derek's exes got in the elevator with him
Mark just broke up with Addison
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