Quiz: Can You Match The Grey's Doctor To Their Most Annoying Qualities

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Our favorite doctors are flawed, but that's why we love them, right? Right??

Fun trivia quiz on Shonda Rhimes Grey's Anatomy, with questions on their annoying qualities, like Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, and Derek Shepherd.

 Jul 05, 2017

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Which doctor strongly disapproved of her mother's "boob job"?
Meredith Grey
Maggie Pierce
Jo Wilson

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Which Mercy West transfer took George's cubby?
Reed Adamson
Ben Warren
April Kepner

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Which doctor forgot to tell firefighters about a missing resident in the hospital fire/explosion?
Arizona Robbins
Eliza Minnick
Jackson Avery

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Which doctor was obsessed with and a terrible parent?
Ellis Grey
Callie Torres
Mark Sloan

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Which doctor has terrible bedside manner to most patients?
Lexie Grey
Derek Shepherd
Cristina Yang

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Which doctor blamed their spouse for getting fired and left them without a word?
Owen Hunt
Izzie Stevens
Stephanie Edwards

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Which doctor got revenge on his wife for having an abortion by cheating on her?
Owen Hunt
Derek Shepherd
Richard Webber

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In the beginning of the series, who often masked their pain with aggression and a bad attitude?
April Kepner
Alex Karev
Jackson Avery

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Which Mercy West claimed that they made Izzie Stevens their bitch?
Charles Percy
April Kepner
Jackson Avery

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Which doctor decided to serve in the army when their spouse needed them the most.
Nathan Riggs
Meredith Grey
April Kepner
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