Will Meredith Tell Riggs About Megan? Grey's Anatomy Season 14


Everything we know about Meredith and Riggs for Season 14!

Did Meredith Grey Tell Nathan Riggs About Megan Hunt?

As much as we love Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy, we are pretty ecstatic that Meredith Grey has finally moved on from his death with Nathan Riggs. In fact, in the Season 13 finale of Grey's Anatomy, we saw an incredibly matured and calm Meredith Grey approach a situation where she would have fallen apart if it were Season 1. Don't believe us? Check out the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 scene below!

So yes! Meredith did tell Nathan about Megan's arrival in the Season 13 finale! We're so proud of our girl!


What Will Happen To Riggs And Meredith In Season 14?

But, what does this mean for Grey's Anatomy Season 14? Will Meredith and Riggs break up? Will they be torn apart just to get back together? We need answers!! But, something tells us their situation will strongly parallel or reflect Season 1's Meredith/Addison/Derek love triangle.

What do you think will happen to Meredith and Riggs? Who else is excited for Grey's Anatomy Season 14?


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