Why Is There A Black Ribbon On Google Today? | February 2018


Why Is There A Black Ribbon On Google Today? | February 2018

If you are a frequent Google user, you probably notice when the graphics change on Google's search bar. Today, Google posted a single black ribbon on their search homepage. But, what does the black ribbon mean? Why is there a black ribbon on Google today, February 15, 2018?

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Black Ribbon On Google Meaning

Why does Google have a black ribbon on its front page today? Most notably, in January 2015, Google paid tribute to Charlie Hebdo attack victims with a black ribbon on the homepage. For those of you who don't remember the tragic event, 12 victims were killed at the offices of Charlie Hebdo. However, Google often posts a black ribbon on their homepage to mourn the victims of tragic events. Traditionally, a black ribbon represents remembrance, mourning, or grief.

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Google Black Ribbon 2018 Meaning

Today, Google places the same black ribbon on their homepage. Google makes it clear that this black ribbon mourns the victims of the Florida school shooting that occurred on February 14th.

If you hover over the image, Google states:

"Our hearts are with the victims, their families, and the community of Parkland."