Why Is Everyone Wearing Black To The Golden Globes 2018?


Why Is Everyone Wearing Black To The Golden Globes 2018?

Why Is Everyone Wearing Black To The Golden Globes 2018?

If you've been watching the Golden Globes red carpet on E!, you've probably seen dozens of your favorite actors and actresses wearing black. While the color black never goes out of style, we're all left wondering why is everyone wearing black to the Golden Globes 2018? In fact, this has been a long time coming. Since December, rumors spread that the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet would be covered in a sea of black. After the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo campaign rocked the nation, many Hollywood stars planned a blackout at this year's Golden Globes to make a statement against the mass amount of sexual harassment within the entertainment industry and our society. The coordinated wardrobe was confirmed in January by the New York Times as part of a bigger campaign called Time's Up.


Why Are People Wearing Black To The Golden Globes?

If you were wondering what the big deal is, we'll have you know that more than 300 individuals in the entertainment industry have signed on to join the Time's Up movement, which hopes to fight sexual harassment, assault, and inequality for women within the workforce. So far, the movement has raised more than $15 million to defend people in court who have experienced any sort of workplace harassment. To bring awareness to their cause, Time's Up encouraged Golden Globes attendees and supporters to wear black in order to show solidarity.

Today, this is #WhyWeWearBlack: My mom and I wearing black back when I didn't know women would have to fight hard her whole life for basic human rights. I didn't know how my friends of different races or sexual preferences would have such a difficult time with the lack of opportunity and poor treatment. We wear black in solidarity with men and women asking for equality, respect and meaningful change within all industries. I am wearing black to encourage the women who have come forward about their abuse and harassment and for standing up for inclusion of diverse casting that reflects the real population. Join us Sunday in wearing black expressing why you are wearing it and saying #TimesUp i recommend everyone having #TimesUp parties. Post using these hashtags. Also I hope people ask E how they could let Catt go!

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What Is #WhyWeWearBlack On Instagram?

Ahead of the Golden Globes red carpet, a number of actresses and actors have shared the hashtag #WhyWeWearBlack on social media, explaining why everyone is wearing black to the Golden Globes this evening. Ashley Judd, one of the actresses who first spoke out about Weinstein, wrote "Today, we wear black. Why? Nearly 1/2 of men think women are well represented in leadership roles and 1/3 of women think women are well represented in leadership roles. The reality is, only 1 in 10 senior leaders are women. #TimesUp #WhyWeWearBlack" along with an Instagram photo of complete darkness.

Why Black At The Golden Globes?

Wondering why black at the Golden Globes? Why not red? Or something that stands out more at the Golden Globes? Perhaps it is because black is difficult to photograph on the red carpet, so people pay attention to the statement rather than the clothes and Best Dressed for the 2018 Golden Globes. And perhaps, black will be seen as a color of solidarity when it comes to the fight against sexual harassment from here on out. Will tonight's Golden Globes blackout be lasting? We'll see.

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