Who Will Die In Teen Wolf Finale? Creator Jeff Davis Tells All

Teen Wolf

Are you scared for your favorite characters in the Teen Wolf series finale?


After 6 spectacular seasons, the Teen Wolf series finale is here! Even though we knew the end was coming, we are so not ready to say goodbye to Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and the rest of the pack of Beacon Hills. But, one big question has been on our mind since the finale was announced: Who will die in the Teen Wolf series finale? Here's what show creator and executive producer, Jeff Davis, revealed to our editorial team.


Will Scott McCall Die In The Series Finale?

While Davis did not flat-out state the status of Scott's mortality by the end of the Teen Wolf series finale, the released first page of the finale script combined with what Davis told us has us believing that Scott makes it out of the final battle alive.

In the script, Scott tracks down a teenage werewolf, who is running for his life in a flash-forward scene.

Davis revealed that this scene happens one or two years in the future, and he actually got the idea to do this full circle plot with Scott while he was writing season 4.

"That idea to sort of bring it full circle, to do a sort of flash-forward, was something I've been thinking about for a while, and I'm really glad we got to do it," Davis said. "I think it's sort of the message of the show encapsulated in this character, Alec, who is played by Ben Wadsworth. He's basically the representative of the audience. Scott is saying to us, the audience, if you feel like an outsider, if you're different, you can be one of us, and that is, essentially, the message of the show."

So, is Scott going to survive the Teen Wolf series finale? Sounds like it.


Will A Main Character Die In The Teen Wolf Series Finale?

If there's anything we learned from Allison Argent's (Crystal Reed) death, it's that no one is safe in Teen Wolf. And Davis doesn't make prepping for the Teen Wolf series finale any easier.

When asked about emotions we should be prepared to feel while watching the finale, Davis offered, "I would say fear for the main characters. There are definitely some moments of… you know."


Despite this heart attack-inducing news, Davis says that the Teen Wolf series finale will feel like an emotional rollercoaster to match how we've felt while watching the entire series.

"I'd like them to be emotionally up and down as big things happen in the finale, but to feel satisfied by the ending," Davis said.

In fact, viewers should be expected to feel "tension, all the suspense, all the same emotions that a classic Teen Wolf episode would give you. That's what we really went for. The scares, the suspense, there are a few funny moments, a few reunion moments that I think people will really like."

Watch the series finale of Teen Wolf on Sunday, September 24, at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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