Who Was Amelia Shepherd Engaged to on 'Private Practice'?

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Wondering about Amelia Shepherd's life before Grey's Anatomy?

Here's Who Amelia Shepherd Was Engaged to Before Owen Hunt

On Thursday, Grey's Anatomy aired an episode that hit all of us right in the feels, especially if you've seen the spinoff Private Practice. The truth is, if you haven't dedicated part of your life to see the spinoff series featuring Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), then you might not understand the full depths of Caterina Scorsone's Amelia Shepherd, who appeared on the spinoff before her time on Grey's. In the most recent episode, Amelia revealed that her fiance died of an overdose, which ultimately made her decide to get clean and live. While Private Practice fans were left in a puddle of tears, many fans who have only watched the flagship series wondered who Amelia was engaged to before she married Owen (Kevin McKidd).

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Amelia Shepherd Was Engaged to Ryan Kerrigan in 'Private Practice'

So who was the man Amelia was talking about in "I Want a New Drug"? Ryan Kerrigan, played by actor Wes Brown.

Amelia and Ryan met in season 5 of Private Practice, but his time on the show was short-lived, as he only appeared in 3 episodes. The couple met after a one-night stand. However, they fell for each other fast and decided to get clean together. However, after the pair decided to get high one last time together, Ryan overdosed.

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While Amelia did say her peace about Ryan in the episode of Grey's, it's now clear just how much Betty's (Peyton Kennedy) storyline paralleled Amelia's in Private Practice and why it hit Amelia so hard after she found out that Betty's boyfriend died.

Now, all we can hope is that, like Amelia, Betty decides to live.

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